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Strategy 2020: A Meeting of Two Generations

4 Mar 2013

On March 1, 2013, leaders of several expert groups - drafters of the Strategy 2020 Report - met at RIA Novosti with members of the Youth Strategy 2020 inter-university research group.  The final version of the report 'Strategy 2020: a New growth Model - a New Social Policy' was launched on March 14, 2012. Its authors analyzed the current issues on Russia's social and economic policy agenda and proposed steps towards a better quality of life in Russia. Since September 2012, students from leading Russian universities have come together in a discussion platform entitled 'Youth Strategy 2020' to offer their own solutions as young professionals to the country's social and economic challenges. This event at RIA Novosti featured a presentation of the interim results produced by the young researchers.

 Source: RIA Novosti

Language: Russian
Видео с участием: Кузьминов Ярослав Иванович (8)