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I Want to Become a Volunteer

Hi! We’ll be happy if you join our volunteer team! But first let us tell you a little about us.

HSE Volunteer Centre is a team of passionate and active students (as well as alumni and even employees), We conduct major events at a high level: HSE Day, HSE Open Day and a number of other interesting activities.

In spring of 2020, our Centre became the main HSE online helper. We helped the HSE IT Office manage the flood of questions from HSE’s employees working from home and participants of the Moscow Longevity social initiative who continued to study languages. Volunteers also helped students of the HSE Lyceum and the Pupils’ Academy project during tutoring sessions on a variety of school subjects.

The Volunteer Centre is a well-coordinated team of employees, volunteers, PR specialists, and HSE’s kindest people. We are currently developing new projects and promoting charity events and volunteering. We offer cool volunteering possibilities at national and even international scale. Come join us!

Three simple steps:

  1. Press the I Want to Become a Volunteer button at the bottom of the page
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Check your e-mail as you will soon receive your very first letter from the Volunteer Centre!

Read the FAQs

Who can become a volunteer?

A volunteer is an open-hearted person whose age does not matter. A student, a graduate or an employee can become a volunteer.

What will I be doing?

We are currently helping the elderly participants of the Moscow Longevity initative, send volunteers out to cool conferences and festivals, help HSE departments with urgent tasks, participate in international events and even restore churches of the Golden Ring of Russia. It all comes down to your wishes!

Will I get credits for this?

You certainly will get credits for participating in some large projects. You need to check this information when you apply for a project.

If I fill in the form, do I automatically become a volunteer?

Not exactly. After filling in the form you join our big, friendly and supportive community. We recruit volunteers anew for every project we do. Don’t worry, you will receive a proposal letter. And remember that you can always suggest your personal idea for a project.

Whom will I be helping?

You will help different people among whom you will meet organizators of HSE Day and HSE Open Days, students, elder people and even charity organizations.

I have never been a volunteer. What should I do?

There’s nothing to be afraid of! Some projects do not ask for your experience and sometimes we organize special training programmes. At the same time, we definitely have some projects where you can apply only when you have some experience. Anyway, you just need to give it try and then wait for a letter about our Volunteer School.

Is being a volunteer forever?

We expect that deep in your heart volunteering is forever. Doing good feels good. But sometimes we all get tired. At these times it is important to listen to yourself: If you don’t have enough internal power to help someone, it will be better for you to relax and recover. Our team will wait for you :)

Become a Volunteer


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