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Please attach the following when sending the completed form:

  • Image of the book cover (a separate file in jpg, png, tif, gif or pdf format)
  • A page (photo or scanned page) with the book’s output data
  • A page (photo or scanned page) with the book’s table of contents
  • Full text of the book in pdf[1] format (or separate chapters of the book, if you want to include only certain book chapters), or give a link to the text of the book on the internet


If you want to include not the whole book, but only certain chapters in the report, then when you complete the ‘BOOK’ form, please specify the book’s academic editor/editor-in-chief in the ‘Authors’ section, but do not specify the authors of the separate book chapters. Specify the chapter authors in the ‘BOOK CHAPTER’ form.


[1] If you supply the book to the Academic Fund competitions (including academic bonuses), you can send the file in doc format.

Type of book

Please select one of the options in bold type, colour or ‘+’ sign

  • Monograph
  • Educational material
  • Textbook
  • Collections of articles
  • Booklet
  • Information and statistical publication
  • Annotation to law
  • Research paper
  • Conference paper


Specify the full title of the book and subtitle, if any.




AUTHORS and (or) editors and compliers

Specify full names and last names. For HSE authors, specify the department and position in brackets. If he/she is a student, specify the faculty (department) and year of study.

For example: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich (Professor, Department of Integrated Communications).

If there are co-authors from other organizations, please also specify them (names and surnames only)!




Academic editor(s)




General editorship (under the general editorship of)


Head of the team of authors




Translation editor(s)






For translated books: original language


Series (if there is any)


Place of publication (city)


Year of publication


Publishing house

Full name of the publisher as specified on the cover page


Volume (only for multi-volume books)


Issue (only for serial publications)


Annotation to the edition (for example, 2nd edition, revised and expanded)





Number of pages



Number of Characters

Author’s sheet is equal to 40 000 typographical units (including spaces). If for some reason you cannot give the length of the publication, leave this field blank



Number of copies printed


Summary in Russian[2]

For all books (in any language)



Summary in English

For books in languages other than Russian



Table of contents (a photocopy can be attached)


Keywords in Russian

If the form is filled out only in order to add information on specific chapters of the book, do not specify the keywords here (indicate them in the BOOK CHAPTER form)


Keywords in English

 (for books in languages other than Russian)



Classification (if any)

Choose one of the options.

  • Ministry of Education and Science,
  • UMO (Educational and Methodical Association),
  • NMS (Academic and Methodical Council),
  • Classification by other executive bodies,
  • Other classification (specify)

Where is it possible to publish the full text of the book on the website?

If different conditions are to be applied to the attached files, indicate it here in your own words.

  • In open access
  • In relatively closed access (the text will be available only for HSE staff with login and password)
  • In fully closed access (the text will be available only for staff responsible for checking reports, grant applications etc.)


Please, specify the topic of the paper according to the list.

Choose all appropriate topics: indicate their numbers and/or titles.

Please note that it is necessary to choose the lowest level of the section (which means that for a paper in philosophy it would be correct to indicate, for example, such topics as: 02.01.07 Philosophy as a science, 02.01.45 Teaching philosophy etc., and incorrect to indicate such topics as 02.01.00 General problems of philosophy or 02.00.00 Philosophy).



[2] If the book is to be used to apply for an academic bonus, and is written in a foreign language other than English, it must be accompanied by an annotation of at least 10 pages in Russian. It will be accessible only to staff of the HSE Academic Fund.



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