Tag "Culture Matters"

Value basis of socio-political attitudes across 15 countries

On September 16, Professor Shalom Hillel Schwartz (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) took part in the “Culture matters” seminar. Prof. Schwartz is a research director at ISEL-SCR and the author of one of the most widely accepted theories of human values (Schwartz 1992, 1994).

Social capital as analytical tool for geographical communities: overview and empirical evidence from Latvia

On May 27, Guido Sechi (University of Latvia, Latvia) participated in the «Culture matters» seminar.

Acculturation: Past, Present and Future

On April 29, Professor John Berry (Queens University, Canada and Higher School of Economics, Russia) took part in the «Culture matters» seminar. 

Gene-Environment Correlations in Children's Problems with Peers

On April 10, Professor Ariel Knafo (Hebref University of Jerusalem) took part in the «Culture matters» seminar.

The Western point of view on Russian foreign policy

On April 3, Prof. Arto Mustajoki, University of Helsinki, participated in the “Culture matters” seminar.

Empirical testing of intercultural relations hypotheses in Russia.

On March 27, Professor N. M. Lebedeva, the head of the International Scientific-Educational Laboratory of Sociocultural Research at HSE, delivered a presentation as a part of «Culture matters» seminar.

Using Structural Modeling in Experimental Design

A presentation delivered at the “Culture Matters” seminar on March, 13. Alexis Belianin, Ph. D., is the Head of Laboratory for Experimental and Behavioral Economics.

Mutual perceptions of migrants and hosts: a cross-regional analysis

Olga Verbilovitch is a member of the Socio-Cultural Research Laboratory and a graduate student at the Department of Sociology. Olga presented her qualitative study of mutual perceptions of Russians and North-Caucasians. 

Ethno-cultural features of migrants’ integration in host community: dispersed integration or enclavization

On February 6th has been held academic seminar from series "Culture Matters" with Igor Kuznetsov, senior researcher of Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Migrants in host community of Russia: problems of successful adaptation

On January 23rd has been held academic seminar from series "Culture Matters" with Yaroslav Bakhmetiev, lecturer of Department of Political behavior, trainee researcher of the Laboratory for Political Studies.