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"All cultures day"-2020 for the first time online

The annual “All cultures day” celebration took part on December 15 for the first time online! The 7th annual "All Cultures Day" was organized by the Center for Sociocultural Research and the Master's program "Applied social psychology". This time we have chosen an intriguing theme -  “Around the world in 100 minutes”. Students of our Master’s program "Applied social psychology" welcomed our guests in their countries and introduced local cultures. Even though we couldn’t meet in person this year, our students from all over the world managed to create a warm atmosphere and provide a unique experience for the participants. 

Lecture by Eric Maskin on "Arrow’s Theorem, May’s Axioms, and Borda’s Rule"

On Sunday, July 12 the scientific seminar of the International Centre of Decision Choice and Analysis was held. Professor Maskin gave a lecture on "Arrow’s Theorem, May’s Axioms, and Borda’s Rule"

Jonathan Calof: 'I Hope That I Will Be Able to Travel to Moscow to Be with My HSE Colleagues and Friends Soon'

Jonathan Calof
Jonathan Calof has been cooperating with HSE since 2009. In an interview with HSE News Service he talks about how his involvement with HSE began, what projects he has been part of, and how he has organised his online work during the recent lockdown.