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Application for Admission to Summer University

Learn more about Summer University

Please answer all of the questions before proceeding


Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
1. Last name (surname) *
2. First name (given name) *
3. Title (Dr, Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, etc.) *
4. Sex *
5. Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY) *
6. Country of birth *
7. Citizenship *


Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
8. Permanent home address *
Please indicate your street address, city/region and country
9. Mailing address (if different from home address)
Please indicate your street address, city/region and country
10. Phone number *
11. Email address *
12. Contact person (in case of emergency)
13. Phone (in case of emergency)
14. Email (in case of emergency)


Please provide details about where you are currently enrolled
Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
15. Current status *
16. Name of institution and address *
17. Date of entry (month and year) *
18. Type of degree (Bachelor’s, Master’s, etc.) *
19. Major/Field of study *
20. Anticipated date of completion (if you are currently enrolled) or date of graduation (if you have already obtained your diploma) *
21. Have you ever been expelled or suspended from an educational institution? *
22. If you answered yes to the previous question, please briefly explain the reasons why.


If English is not your first language and you did not graduate from an English-taught Bachelor’s programme, you must demonstrate that you have sufficient command of spoken and written English. Please list any official English language proficiency exams (i.e. IELTS, TOEFL, GCE, GCSE) that you have taken, with the results and the dates taken. You can also submit a letter from an English language instructor instead of exam results.
Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
23. Is English your first language? *
24. Have you ever participated in an English-led academic programme? *
25. Proof of English proficiency (exam or letter) *
If English is your first language or you have previously participated in English-led programmes, please enter "No proof required" in the box.
26. Please upload a scan of your English proficiency exam results or letter from an English language instructor


Summer University courses are taught entirely in English. Students are encouraged to study Russian during the programme and courses are available at all levels of instruction.
Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
27. What is your Russian language proficiency? *
28. Would you like to take Russian language classes during your study? *


In the letter, please detail your academic interests and aspirations to answer the question why you are interested in participating in HSE’s Summer University (200 words)
Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
29. Please upload your letter of motivation *


Please attach your recommendation letter here, or email it to summer-hse@hse.ru your recommendation letter, in the case that you have already obtained it. Your reference person should be very familiar with your academic work. Please note that we may contact your reference directly.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
30. Please indicate his or her name, position and affiliation and email address *
31. Please upload the letter of recommendation *


Please note that after being admitted, students who accept HSE's enrollment offer may need to apply for a student visa, depending on their citizenship. Please consult the website of your country's Russian embassy or consulate for more information or email the International Admissions Office with any questions: summer-hse@hse.ru.
Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
32. Will you need to apply for a Russian student visa? *
33. Would you like to live in HSE's student dormitories? *


Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
34. Please check all of the courses that you are interested in: *
35. Does any educational organization support you?

36. How did you first find out about HSE? *

37. I need my academic transcript... *


Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
38. I confirm that to the best of my knowledge the information. I have provided on this form is true, complete and accurate I have uploaded the required supporting documents while filling out this form. I confirm that the documents and information submitted have not been altered, modified, or changed in any way, and I authorize Higher School of Economics to verify the authenticity of my academic records submitted with my application. I understand that failure to disclose complete and accurate information, and/or failure to submit all required application information and official documents — including those outlined above — may result in the denial of admission, withdrawal of admission, subsequent dismissal from HSE, or other corrective actions as necessary. *
39. Please enter your initials below to serve as an electronic signature *
40. Date *
By pressing ‘Submit’, I hereby confirm that I have acquainted myself with HSE’s Regulations on Personal Data Processing and rightly may present my personal data and give my consent for its processing. By presenting my personal data, I hereby accept the terms of these Regulations, confirming that it pertains to me and is, in fact, accurate and up-to-date, and I freely, on my own initiative and for my own benefit, dispose of this data and understand the consequences of its transfer, thus expressing my consent to its processing in line with Point 3.7 of HSE’s Regulations on Personal Data Processing.