Russian Language

- 4 weeks (48 academic hours, 3 ECTS credits):  July 01 - 31
- 7 weeks (80 academic hours, 5 ECTS credits): July 01 - August 19

Maria Olshevskaya

Senior Lecturer

Marina Korshak

Lecturer, HSE School of Linguistics


Students are welcome to take a general course on Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL). These courses focus on practical Russian skills, so that students can make the most of their experience studying in Russia, and are offered at different levels.

Please note that 16 academic hours are required to receive 1 ECTS credit for the Russian language course. 

If you want to concentrate on learning Russian during summer, you can participate in Intensive Summer Language School  (offered by School of Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities). Advanced speakers are also welcome to attend afternoon sessions of language electives from this program.