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How to Study at HSE’s Summer University:

A Step-by-step Guide

Dear applicants,

To make the process of applying for HSE’s International Summer University easier for you, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to come study with us. Please find graphic and text versions below.

  • Step 1

Read the information on our website and select the courses you are interested in.

  • Step 2

Decide whether you want to take Russian language classes and if you want to take a one-week course at HSE’s St. Petersburg/Nizhny Novgorod campuses. Design your preliminary study plan. Please contact SU Team with questions if any.

  • Step 3

Complete and submit the Summer University application form (either online or emailed to programme managers). Please be sure to note in the form whether you will need a student visa. Please refer to the letter of recommendation sample.

  • Step 4

You will receive a Summer University acceptance letter from the SU Team.

  • Step 5

Pay the online registration fee (3000 RUB, non-refundable) and send confirmation of the payment to the SU Team. 
If you need a visa, please follow the instructions:  

1) check the study visa requirements at the Russian consulate in your country of residence
2) check the steps of the initial visa procedure
3) complete visa invitation application form 
4) apply for a study visa at the Russian consulate or visa center

your passport must be valid for at least 1,5 years beginning from the validity start date of the visa. 

  • Step 6

You will receive a letter of invitation for your visa application from the SU Team. Please note that this process usually takes one month.


  • Step 7

Purchase your tickets to and from Moscow as well as a health insurance plan. Please send this information to the programme managers. (If you do not need a visa, you can skip steps 8 and 9).


  • Step 8

Apply for Russian visa (if you need a visa).

  • Step 9

Once you have received the visa, please send a scanned copy of it to the programme managers and sign the visa notification form.

  • Step 10

You will receive an electronic copy of the Service Agreement. The supplement will show the list of courses and number of credits you gain. Since you sign it, the list of courses is considered final.


  • Step 11

Please send a signed scan of the Service Agreement to the SU Team. Pay for your courses:

·         this way, if you are outside Russian Federation;  

·         this way, if you are in Russian Federation.  

Please send a confirmation of the payment to the SU Team.

  • Step 12

Print out HSE’s medical certificate form, complete and sign it, and bring it to your doctor or local medical office for them to stamp or sign. Hold onto this – you will need this to register at the dormitory.


  • Step 13
Please provide the SU Team with your itinerary details (for both: way to Moscow and way back home). This information is for the buddy who will contact you about meeting you in Moscow.
  • Step 14
Collect all of your documents for travel:
·        passport with visa (if you have a visa),
·        a photocopy of your passport,
·        a signed and stamped health certificate,
·        your health insurance,
·        visa notification form,
·        acceptance letter
·        and money (you will be able to change dollars and euros into rubles at the airport or at currency exchanges and banks);
·        check the weather, make a list of Russian souvenirs to bring back for your family and friends, and don`t forget a camera! You are ready to go to Moscow!
  • Step 15

You will receive a migration card at the airport upon arriving to Moscow – please be quite accurate while filling it in. You must keep your migration card till you leave the country – you will be asked to present it at your departure.


  • Step 16

To help you while you are in Russia, starting from the Aeroexpress station meeting, we ask you to fill in the form here: https://esnhsemsk.mysection.cz/register/international and you will get a buddy from HSE Buddy Club to help you get to the dorm from airport, register there and find your way to the University on the first day.


  • Step 17

Check when your classes start on our website.


  • Step 18

Pay for your dormitory accommodation at the ORGBANK (Myasnitskaya, 22/1). (SU Team or buddies will help you.)


  • Step 19

You’re all set! Welcome to Summer University!