Tatiana Kitaigorodskaia: My experience in Venice!

Why did you choose Ca' Foscari for the exchange experience? How the education there was organized?

Visiting sunny Venice is a dream of many people, and I was lucky to live and study in this amazing city for a semester long. I am an oriental study student and chose Ca Foscari University of Venice as this university is the best in Italy in my field of studies - East Asia, and I didn’t make a mistake. Ca Foscari offers a wide range of courses in the economic sphere, each of which is focused on Eastern countries: international management, marketing, basics of international business, banking and finance, HR, etc. The education is on a high level, lots of practical tasks and group work. Moreover, I like the fact that university professors use the practice of inviting guest speakers on their lectures.  For example, ones at the course of International Management was invited a manager of a big Italian company who hold the lecture and shared his actual experience with us.

What was the best experience of your exchange program?

Hard to say, as I experience so much there!

First of all, the possibility to get to know Italian culture better, because I learnt Italian language as Ca Foscari gave me this opportunity and now able to hold easy conversations in Italian. I tried a rage of Italian dishes, cheese, pasta, and gelato. I lived with Italian students and this helped me to understand the mentality of Italian people. And of course I traveled a lot and saw that Italy is not the same in different regions.

Secondly, art experience in Venice. Venice is a very cultural city where lots of exhibitions, art and cinema festivals are taking place. Each second week I used a chance to visit new museum, art gallery or participated in a cultural activity. I feel how much I enriched my knowledge about art!

Thirdly, sport experience! There are lots of running competitions in Italy, especially in Veneto region. I start my running career in Italy. I took part in more 7 running races there and still continue doing this sport. My favorite run is the Santa race which happens close to Christmas where everyone run in Santa costumes and later eat traditional Italian Christmas cakes.

What did you think of exchange experience in general? Would you recommend a study abroad experience to other students? If yes, why?

I think that study abroad is a great chance to challenge yourself, widen your horizons, learn a lot and understand yourself and the world around better! I extremely thankful to Higher School of Economics for giving me an opportunity to made this experience and strongly recommend it to anyone who would love to realize his full potential by opening a new page of the world for himself!


Daria Smuseva: My academic mobility in Ca’Foscari was amazing!

I was afraid that it would be difficult to adapt in the new university, but the managers at Ca’Foscari were always open to help. Moreover, many new activities from the university have been prepared for exchange students. Not only introductory lectures were organized for us, but also tours of the buildings, and we also went through a quest for Venice.

Ca’Foscari is a wonderful university and has many buildings throughout Venice. My studies took place on the mainland on via Torino, where modern and equipped buildings are located.

I met a lot of new friends with whom we still communicate and visit each other! Upon returning to Moscow, I miss friends, teachers, and the magical atmosphere of Venice!

I strongly recommend to try studying abroad.