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Mini-conference «Logistics: Contemporary Ways of Development»


Contacts: lcpd_hse@mail.ru

Dear colleagues!

You are cordially invited to participate in the mini-conference ‘Logistics: Contemporary Ways of Development’ for Master’s degree students and Final Year Undergraduates.

Aside from the traditional objectives of increasing supply chain efficiency and decreasing costs, the current challenges facing logistics require an integrated approach, one which is based on a rigorous understanding of the geographical, economic and political factors that make logistics one of the main drivers of economic growth.

The key topics to be covered at the mini-conference are:

·        Conceptual problems of contemporary logistics
·        Models and methods of supply chain management
·        Logistics business-processes forecasting and modeling
·        Reliability and efficiency of logistical systems
·        Logistics costs: theory and practice
·        Logistics systems integration and optimization
·        Information technology in logistic systems management
·        Supply chain inventory management, supply chain transportation 


1. Participation in the mini-conference is free.

2. The organizers reserve the right to refuse acceptance of the reports which do not correspond to the theme of the mini-conference or were submitted after the deadline date.

3. The member of the mini-conference can present only one report.

4. As applications the reports on completed and ongoing studies are accepted.


Requirements for publishing reports

1. General requirements


No more than two pages of A4 format (210 mm × 297 mm) including tables and pictures (Word format .doc)


14 pt Times New Roman


Interline: single

Interword gap: 1 symbol


25 mm from each quarter of the page

 2. Requirements for execution of titles:

first line

Initials, surname of the author (or authors) in bold, right aligning

second line

Organization name

third line


forth line
TITLE bold, centered

fifth line


sixth line

Abstract - (3-5 lines) italic, full justification

seventh line


from the eigths line