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Summary of Degree Programme

Field of Studies

41.04.04 Political Science

Approved by
Order № 10 dated 28.09.2018
Last Update
Network Programme


Length of Studies, Mode of Studies, Credit Load

2 years

Full-time, 120

Language of Instruction


Instruction in English

Degree Level


Double-degree Programme


Competitive Advantages

Our approach to studying Russia is academically comprehensive but practically oriented. Programme centers comparative approach, working with inter-regional trends such as life and politics of post-Soviet countries, and so-called East and West, and global trends.

Studying in Russia’s capital at the country’s leading university provides an opportunity not just for scientific studies but also for diverse personal experience of Russian reality.

Seminars and lectures are delivered by award-winning faculty members, renowned visiting professors from Russia and abroad, and experts and practitioners from the government agencies, business companies and NGOs who have a record of advising government agencies, doing electoral campaigns, elaborating development strategies for regional and municipal governments. They know Russia first-hand. This team will transfer their knowledge of Russian politics and society to anyone aspiring to work IN Russia or WITH Russia.

Professional Activities and Competencies of Programme Graduates

Russian Studies MA Programme prepares specialists with the regional focus on Russia who possess a variety of research, analytical, and writing skills to enter the job market or advanced degree programs (including PhD programs) in Russia or abroad with a competitive advantage. Diploma of the university ranked among the top 100 universities in the ‘Politics and International Studies’ category in the QS World University Rankings by Subject increases their employment prospects. Such experts are in high demand in a wide range of fields such as:

  • International businesses in diverse economy and financial sectors active in Russia;
  • International consulting and audit companies;
  • International organizations of the UN family;
  • Politics and diplomacy;
  • NGOs and non-profits;
  • Travel agencies, interpretation and translation services;
  • Mass media and communication companies;
  • Academia, research and teaching
Programme Modules

In the 1st semester, studies begin with required courses in Political Science and Russian Studies. From the 2nd semester, students can build their own curriculum from the variety of elective courses and optional courses. students can choose the curriculum suited to their academic interests. Political science serves as the core of the programme, so the students receive a strong background in this particular discipline, but they have many opportunities to augment it with other disciplinary approaches of their choosing.

Required Courses  in Political Science:

  • Modern Political Science;
  • Methodology and Methods of Political Research.

Required Basic Courses in Russian Studies:

  • Explaining Contemporary Russian Politics: Institutions and Beyond
  • Regions of Russia and the World in Comparative Perspective
  • Russia in the Global World: International Relations and Foreign Policy of Russia
  • Business and State in Russia

Elective Courses:

  • Russian Population Structures
  • Political Economy of Public Goods in Russia
  • Culture of Modern Russian Society: Sociological Analysis
  • Russian Media System
  • China and Russia: Great Powers in an Era of Global Disorder
  • Informal Economy and Entrepreneurship in Contemporary Russia
  • Modern Russian City and Life in a Megapolis
  • Demographic Development and Migration in the Post-Soviet Space
  • Russian Criminal Justice System
  • Russia and the Muslim World
  • Gender Politics in Russia
  • Parties and Elections in Russian Regions
Options for Students with Disabilities

This degree programme of HSE University is adapted for students with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities. Special assistive technology and teaching aids are used for collective and individual learning of students with SEN and disabilities. The specific adaptive features of the programme are listed in each subject's full syllabus and are available to students through the online Learning Management System.

Programme Documentation

All documents of the degree programme are stored electronically on this website. Curricula, calendar plans, and syllabi are developed and approved electronically in corporate information systems. Their current versions are automatically published on the website of the degree programme. Up-to-date teaching and learning guides, assessment tools, and other relevant documents are stored on the website of the degree programme in accordance with the local regulatory acts of HSE University.

I hereby confirm that the degree programme documents posted on this website are fully up-to-date.

Vice Rector Sergey Yu. Roshchin

Summary of Degree Programme 'Russian Studies'

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