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Term Paper

Term Paper 2020/2021

 Term paper check listDeadlineDocuments
1.1. Select the topic from those proposed by departments; or propose your own topic, following a discussion with 
the potential supervisor (from the department to which the proposed topic is relevant) 

2. Submit an application form, signed by your supervisor  

3. Fill in online application form, link
You can use LMS (HSE Learning Management System) to see the list of topics offered and choose the topic of your interest. 
Please, don't hesitate to communicate with potential supervisors and ask for consultations (Instructions for LMS)

Topics 2020|2021 +LMS

Topics 2019/2020 + LMS

 Topics suggested by Vladimir Spokoiny

November 22, 2020

Term Paper Application Form

2.Term paper topic or supervisor may be changedbefore
May 01, 2021
Change of Term Paper topic
3.Finished term paper is submitted to the supervisor 



4.Term paper is uploaded to LMS, to go through the Antiplagiat (Антиплагиат) system 



5.Submitting the complete package of documents:
  • the term paper document with your signature and the signature of your supervisor on the title page
(two title pages are required: in Russian and in English),
  • supervisor's review with the recommended grade,
  • LMS report on plagiarism check.

In the 2020-2021 academic year all documents are provided in electronic form. The files should be uploaded to the folder by the link – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18LHQIGHcEcO6nvTaT5JaJW2S4OOfACpv?usp=sharing

before June 28, 2021

Supervisor's review of coursework

Coursework title page