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Научно-исследовательский семинар «Суперкомпьютерное моделирование в науке и инженерии, или Вычислительные среды».

Тема доклада: Resetting processes with non-instanteneous return

Докладчик: Бодрова Анна Сергеевна (к.ф.-м.н., доцент Департамента прикладной математики МИЭМ НИУ ВШЭ)

Место проведения: ул. Таллинская, д.34, ауд. № 413

Sometimes while searching for a goal one can go in a completely wrong
direction and it may be useful to return back to the initial point and
start from the beginning. This behavior can be modeled by a stochastic
process, which is interrupted by a random resetting to the initial
Examples of such processes are found in many fields such as chemistry,
biology, ecology and computer science. In computer science random walks with stochastic restarts turn out to be a useful strategy to optimize
search algorithms in hard computational problems. The organisms use
stochastic resetting or switching between different phenotypic states to
adapt to fluctuating environments. The movements of foraging animals
usually involve a local diffusive search for food, interrupted by
long-range nonlocal resetting moves to relocate to other areas as well as
to return to their nests, followed by restarting the search process.
In all previous studies resetting has been considered as an abrupt event,
when the particle instanteneously teleports to the initial point and
starts its motion again. This behavior is, however, unphysical, expecially
if one considers the motion of the animals or the robotic vacuum cleaner,
returning to the base. We take into account the finitness of the velocity
of the return process and calculate the corresponding probability
distribution function, mean squared displacement and first passage time.

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