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WP BRP Series: Management / MAN

Series Managing Editor: Nikolay B. Filinov, Marie-Ann Betschinger

Denis Bulygin, Ilya Musabirov "How People Reflect On The Usage Of Cosmetic Virtual Goods: A Structural Topic Modeling Analysis Of R/Dota2 Discussions" Series: Management WP BRP 60/MAN/2020  
Опубликован 20.02.2020

Igor Gurkov, Alexandra Kokorina, Zokirzhon Saidov "Effectiveness of opening ceremonies of oversea manufacturing facilities – lessons from multinational corporations operating in Russia" Series: Management WP BRP 59/MAN/2018
Опубликован 06.03.2018

Alena I. Morozova, Aleksandr G. Rozhkov "Gamification Tools and Practicies of Russian Companies" Series: Management WP BRP 58/MAN/2017

Опубликован 31.12.2017

Sofia N. Paklina, Mariia A. Molodchik, Carlos Jardon "Intangible-intensive strategies of Russian companies", Series: Management WP BRP 57/MAN/2017

Опубликован 14.12.2017

A.S. Gogoleva, E.S. Balabanova, A.G. Efendiev, V.V.Komarova "Employee Work Behavior in Russian Business Organizations: Priorities, Professional Features and Work Practices", Series: Management WP BRP 56/MAN/2017

Опубликован 04.12.2017

 Igor B. Gurkov, Michael J. Morley, "Contributions Towards a Renewed Debate on Multinational Headquarter-Subsidiary Relations:Subsidiary Mandates, Corporate Parenting Styles and Collective Psychological Contracts", Series: Management WP BRP 55/MAN/2017
Опубликован 19.04.2017

Nadezda Kolesnik, "E-Communication in Personal Sales: Internet Usage and Performance", Series: Management WP BRP 54/MAN/2016 (PDF, 646 Кб)
Опубликован 23.12.2016

A.S. Gogoleva, E.S. Balabanova, A.G. Efendiev, "Determinants of Employee Innovative Behavior: Do Foreign and Domestic Companies in Russia Differ?", Series: Management WP BRP 53/MAN/2016
 (PDF, 638 Кб)
Опубликован 28.11.2016

Mauricio Jara-Bertín, Félix J. López-Iturriaga, Juan Pablo Torres, "Family Firms and the Enhanced Corporate Control: The Bright Side of Business Groups", Series: Management WP BRP 52/MAN/2016
See the abstract
Опубликован 25.02.2016

Sergei P. Kazakov, "Market Orientation and Company Performance: A Russian Service Industry Perspective" Series: Management WP BRP 51/MAN/2016
Download PDFОпубликован 03.02.2016

Igor Gurkov, "Oriflame CIS: The Successful Evolution of a Regional Subsidiary’s Mandate"Series: Management WP BRP 50/MAN/2016
Download PDFОпубликован 01.02.2016

Tatiana Dolgopyatova, Alexander Libman
Andrei Yakovlev "The Unintended Benefits of Empowering Boards in Conglomerates: The Case Study of Afk Sistema", Series: Management WP BRP 49/MAN/2016
 Download PDF
Опубликован 25.01.2016

Olga V. Novikova
, Dmitriy B. Potapov"Empirical Analysis of Consumer Purchase Behavior: Interaction between State Dependence and Sensitivity to Marketing-Mix Variables", Series: Management WP BRP 48/MAN/2015
Download PDFОпубликован 14.12.2015

Mariia I. Okuneva, Dmitriy B. Potapov "The Effectiveness of Individual Targeting Through Smartphone Application in Retail: Evidence from Field Experiment" Series: Management WP BRP 47/MAN/2015
Download PDF

Опубликован 08.12.2015

Vladimir Kossov"Price Scissors as a Dangerous Gap between the Price Projections of Supply and Demand", Series: Management WP BRP 46/MAN/2015
Download PDFОпубликован 08.12.2015

Alexander Chepurenko
, Olga Obraztsova, Vladimir Elakhovsky"Cross-Regional Variations in the Level of Entrepreneurial Activity in Russia by Type of Motivation: Determining Factors", Series: Management WP BRP 45/MAN/2015
Download PDFОпубликован 02.12.2015

Sergey P. Kazakov
, Marina D. Predvoditeleva"How Travelers Use Online and Social Media Channels to Make Hotel Choice Decisions. A Comparative Study of Russian Federation and American Tourists’ Online Consumer Behavior", Series: Management WP BRP 44/MAN/2015
Download PDFОпубликован 02.12.2015

Tatiana V. Abankina, Pavel V. Derkachev, Liudmila M. Filatova, Irina V. Scherbakova"Aspects of Increasing Accessibility of Russian Museums and Evaluation of Attendance", Series: Management WP BRP 43/MAN/2015
Download PDFОпубликован 02.12.2015

Ilya A. Dolmatov, Vladimir V. DvorkinIgor V. Maskaev"Parametric and Non-Parametric Cost Efficiency Benchmarking of Water Utilities in Russia", Series: Management WP BRP 42/MAN/2015
Download PDFОпубликован 02.12.2015

Olga N. Balaeva, Andrei A. Yakovlev, "Estimation of Costs in the Russian Public Procurement System: A Case Study of Voronezh State University", Series: Management WP BRP 41/MAN/2015
Download PDFОпубликован 15.09.2015

Anna O. Daviy, Vera A. Rebiazina, "Investigating Barriers and Drivers of the E-Commerce Market in Russia", Series: Management WP BRP 40/MAN/2015
Опубликован 09.09.2015

Veronika Vynaryk, Aoife Hanley, "Effects of the Qms ISO 9000 Certification on Russian Manufacturing Companies", Series: Management WP BRP 39/MAN/2015
Download PDFОпубликован 12.05.2015

Igor B. Gurkov
, "Communications between Manufacturing Units of Multinational Corporations", Series: Management WP BRP 38/MAN/2015
Download PDF

Опубликован 30.04.2015

Igor B. Gurkov, "Russian Manufacturing Subsidiaries of Western Multinational Corporations: Support from Parents and Cooperation with Sister-Subsidiaries",  Series: Management WP BRP 37/MAN/2015
Download PDFОпубликован 30.04.2015

Félix J. López-Iturriaga, Emilio J. López-Millán, "Institutional framework, corporate ownership structure, and R&D investment: An international analysis", Series: Management WP BRP 36/MAN/2015
Download PDF

Опубликован 23.04.2015


Mariia A.Molodchik, Carlos Jardon, Angel Barajas, “The Firm Size Effect On Performance Due To Intangible Resources”, Series: Management WP BRP 35/MAN/2015
Download PDFОпубликован 15.01.2015   

Rustam F. Bayburin
, Nadezhda V. Bycik, Nikolay B. Filinov, Natalya V. Isaeva, Anatoly G. Kasprzhak, “Does Conceptual Decision-Making Style Make School Principal An Efficient Reforms Promoter”, Series: Management WP BRP 34/MAN/2015

Download PDF
Опубликован 15.01.2015   

Elena A. Shakina
, Angel Barajas, “An Intangible-Intensive Profile Of Companies: Protection During The Economic Crisis 2008-2009”, Series: Management WP BRP 33/MAN/2015 

Download PDF
Опубликован 15.02.2015 

Dmitry I. Ignatov
, Sergey I. Nikolenko, Taimuraz Abaev, Jonas Poelmans, „Improving Quality Of Service For Radio Station Hosting: An Online Recommender System Based On Information Fusion”, Series: Management WP BRP 31/MAN/2014

Download PDF
Опубликован 24.12.2014 

Thadeu Gasparetto, Carlos Fernández-Jardón, Angel Barajas, “Brand Teams And Distribution Of Wealth In Brazilian State Championships”, Series: Management WP BRP 30/MAN/2014  
Download PDFОпубликован 23.12.2014

Alexander Libman, Tatiana G. Dolgopyatova, Andrey A. Yakovlev, “The Birth Of An Entrepreneurial Board In Emerging Markets: A Russian Case”, Series: Management WP BRP 29/MAN/2014
Download PDFОпубликован 19.12.2014

Igor B. Gurkov, “Human Resource Management In Russian Manufacturing Subsidiaries Of Multinational Corporations”, Series: Management WP BRP 28/MAN/2014 
Download PDF
Опубликован 25.11.2014

Veronika I. Kabalina
, Kira V.  Reshetnikova, Marina D. Predvoditeleva, “Tourism Companies: Values And Norm. Profiles: The Case Of A Russian Tour Operator”, Series: Management WP BRP 27/MAN/2014 

Download PDFОпубликован 31.10.2014

Natalia A. Kochkina, Olga V. Novikova, Dmitriy B. Potapov, “What Affects Brand Equity: The Precise Measurement With Consumer Choice Model”, Series: Management, WP BRP 26/MAN/2014 
Download PDFОпубликован 23.10.2014

Mariia I. Okuneva, Dmitriy B. Potapov, “Consumer Behavior In Online Games”, Series: Management, WP BRP 25/MAN/2014  
Download PDFОпубликован 23.10.2014 

Anna Iu. Iakovleva, “Methodological Aspects Of Project Techniques Selection For Innovation Project Management”, Series: Management, WP BRP 24/MAN/2014 
Download PDFОпубликован 22.10.2014 

Anna S. Gogoleva, Pavel S. Sorokin, Azer G. Efendiev, “Quality Of Work Life As Methodological Framework In Organizational Studies: State Of The Art And Perspectives For The Future Research”,  Series: Management, WP BRP 23/MAN/2014 
Download PDFОпубликован 22.10.2014

Elena A. Shakina, Angel Barajas, “Intangible-Intensive Profile Of A Company: The Key To Outperforming”, Series: Management, WP BRP 22/MAN/2014
Опубликован 15.10.2014

Vera A. Rebiazina, Olga A. Tretyak, “The Model Of Contemporary Marketing Practices (Cmp) In The Russian Market: Evidence From Empirical Research”, Series: Management, WP BRP 21/MAN/2014
Download PDFОпубликован 25.08.2014

Igor Gurkov, “Corporate Parenting Style In The Global Economy”, Series: Management, WP BRP 20/MAN/2014
Download PDF
Опубликован 29.05.2014

Evgeny A. Antipov, "The Determinants Of Online Merchant’s Price Premium: Evidence From Russia", Series: Management, WP BRP 19/MAN/2014
Download PDF
Опубликован 24.03.2014

Azer Efendiev, Anna Gogoleva, Evgeniya Balabanova, "Social Exchange Concept As A Methodological Framework For Employment Relations Analysis", Series: Management, WP BRP 18/MAN/2014
Download PDF
Опубликован 17.03.2014

Elena Shakina, Angel Barajas, "The Changing Role Of Intellectual Resources During The Economic Crisis Of 2008-2009", Series: Management, WP BRP 17/MAN/2014
Download PDF
Опубликован 17.03.2014

Albina N. Rasskazova, "From corporate market research to bank profit maximization", Series: Management, WP BRP 16/MAN/2014
Download PDF
Опубликован 14.01.2014

Kirill Rozhkov, "Two Concepts Of Place Competition And Specificity Of Targeting In Place Marketing", Series: Management, WP BRP 15/MAN/2013
Download PDFОпубликован 31.12.2013

Irina O. Volkova, "Application of data envelopment analysis in management research (case of Russian domestic energy sector)", Series: Management, WP BRP 14/MAN/2013
Download PDFОпубликован 31.12.2013

Igor Gurkov, Vladimir Kossov, Sergey Filippov, "Management practices in Russian  multinational subsidiaries: the Case of knauf cis", Series: Management, WP BRP 13/MAN/2013
Download PDFОпубликован 01.11.2013

Andrei Vernikov, "Does Corporate Governance Really Predict Firms’ Market Values in Emerging Markets? The Case of Russian Banks", Series: Management, WP BRP 12/MAN/2013
Download PDF
Опубликован 27.09.2013

Igor Gurkov, Sergey Filippov "Innovation processes in the Russian manufacturing subsidiaries of MNCs – an integrated view from case studies", Series: Management, WP BRP 11/MAN/2013
Download PDFОпубликован 03.07.2013


Sergey Solntsev "Senior management labor market: from economic growth to crisis. The case of Russia", Series: Management, WP BRP 10/MAN/2013
Download PDF
Опубликован 27.06.2013

Valentina Kuskova, Nathan Podsakoff, Philip Podsakoff "The use of polynomial transformations in organizational research: review and recommendations", Series: Management, WP BRP 09/MAN/2013

See the abstract
Опубликован 13.05.2013

Elena Pokryshevskaya
, Evgeny Antipov "Importance-performance analysis for internet stores: a system based on publicly available panel data", Series: Management, WP BRP 08/MAN/2013

 Download PDFОпубликован 29.04.2013

Igor Gurkov
, Sergey Filippov "Innovation management in Russia’s foreign manufacturing subsidiaries: a pilot exploration of creation and implementation of effective innovation routines", Series: Management, WP BRP 07/MAN/2013

Download PDFОпубликован 03.04.2013

Kirill Rozhkov "Residential satisfaction in place market segments", Series: Management, WP BRP 06/MAN/2012
Download PDFОпубликован 23.03.2013

Kirill Rozhkov "Beneficiaries of a place: whose life is better?", Series: Management, WP BRP 05/MAN/2012
Download PDFОпубликован 23.03.2013

Elena Panteleeva, Olga Oyner "Using CLV concept for marketing budgets allocation", Series: Management, WP BRP 04/MAN/2012
Download PDFОпубликован 31.01.2013

Elena Panteleeva, Olga Oyner "Corporate brand values perception gap analysis as an internal marketing management systemAssessment tool", Series: Management, WP BRP 03/MAN/2012
Download PDFОпубликован 25.01.2013

Kirill Rozhkov "Segmentation of inhabitants in place marketing: the case of karelian towns", Series: Management, WP BRP 02/MAN/2012
Download PDF 
Опубликован 21.08.2012

Ekaterina MakarovaAnna Sokolova "Foresight Evaluation: Lessons from Project Management", Series: Management, WP BRP 01/MAN/2012
 Download PDF
Опубликован 26.03.2012


Any opinions or claims contained in these Working Papers do not necessarily reflect the views of HSE


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