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Адрес: Мясницкая ул., д. 20, каб. 101
Время работы: По договоренности
Scopus AuthorID: 25653306800
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Шанг Фабьен Жорж Жак

Учёные степени

PhD: специальность 09.00.07 «Логика »

Участие в редколлегиях научных журналов

С 2015 по 2015 гг.: член редколлегии журнала «Studia Humana».



Статья Schang F., Costa-Leite A. Une sémantique générale des croyances justifiées // Logique et Analyse. 2017 (в печати)









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  • Препринт Schang F. Wittgenstein's Attitudes / The Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, Ontos Verlag. Series ISSN: 1022-3398 "Reduction and Elimination in Philosophy and the Sciences". 2008. No. 16. (в печати)


Статья Schang F. Truth and Truthmakers. A Reply to Bourne's Negation // The Reasoner. 2007


Participation in conferences, presentations

1. 20-30.06, Istanbul (Turkey)
5th World Congress and School on Universal Logic, Workshop organized with James Trafford (London): "Non-Classical abstract logics"

13. 21-23.10, Moscow (Russia)
Conference on Rule Following: "Reasoning, Reason, Rationality: "As a Matter of Counterfact"
12. 01.10, Helsinki (Finland)
Helsinki Metaphysical Club, University of Helsinki: "Truth, truth-values, and the like"
11. 25-27.09, Tartu (Estonia)
10th Estonian Annual Philosophy Conference on Disagreement: "International disagreements"
10. 08-11.07, Ghent (Belgium)
Trends in Logic XIV: "A structural semantics for Multimodal oppositions"
9. 05-09.05, Rome (Vatican)
4th World Congress about the Square of Oppositions: "Silence has no logical value. Makingsense of nonsense, behind and beyond the Tractatus"
8. 04.04, Tunis (Tunisia)
University of Tunis: "Les oppositions relatives sont-elles des oppositions?"
7. 03.04, Tunis (Tunisia)
University of Tunis: "Cube logique, carré logique, et import existentiel" (with Saloua Chatti)
6. 31.03, Dublin (Ireland)
Talk at Trinity College, Department of philosophy: "Are converse oppositions oppositions?"
5. 29-30.03, Dublin (Ireland)
Conference "Opposition and Duality", Trinity College (keynote speaker): "OF Logic"
4. 27.02, Chennai (India)
Research stay: "The Ways of Negation". Talk at the Institute of Mathematical Scienes: "A Logic for Tetris"
3. 24.02, Mumbai (India)
Research stay: "The Ways of Negation". Talk at the Department of Linguistics: "Linguistic Negations"
2. 20.02, Hyderabad (India)
Research stay: "The Ways of Negation". Talk a the Center for Neural and Cognitive Sciences: "On Negating"
1. 13-17.02, Kolkata (India)
Research stay: "The Ways of Negation".
5th World Congress on Paraconsistency (WCP5): "Eastern proto-logics"

5. 22-23.10, Moscow (Russia)
Ontology of Negativity, invited speaker: "To negate, or to deny? That is the question, or the answer"
4. 15-17.07, Gdansk (Poland)
Entia et Nomina III: "Which logic for iteratives?"
3. 19-21.06, Moscow (Russia)
8th Smirnov's Readings in Logic: "Oppositional logics?"
2. 30.03, Moscow (Russia)
Conference "Logical and Linguistic Pragmatics, HSE: "Which logic for iteratives?"
1. 21-22.03, London (UK)
15th Jaina Studies Workshop: Jaina Logic in Context (invited speaker): "A one-valued logic fornon-one-sidedness"

6. 01.11, Moscow (Russia)
Faculty of Global Studies, Lomonossov, Moscow State University: "A formal epistemology of international relations"
5. 30.10, Moscow (Russia)
Higher School of Economics, Logical Philosophical Workshop: "A formal philosophy of oppositions"
4. 26-30.06, Beirut (Lebanon)
3rd World Congress about the Square of Oppositions: "A dynamification of oppositions"
3. 05-07.06, Cagliari (Italy)
Invited talk: "Algebraic logic of oppositions"
2. 04-06.05, Paris (France)
Congress SOPHA 2011: 􀍞Quelle logi􀆋ue pou􀆌 les ité􀆌atifs?􀍟
1. 09-11.04, Istanbul (Turkey) 
Conference about Eastern and Islamic logics (invited speaker): "The value of dialectical logics"

4. 21-22.12, Brussels (Belgium)
2nd Congness LNAT2: "Two visual logics: diagrams vs. graphs"
3. 19-26.07, Nancy (France)
14th Congress LMPS: "Logic as Consequence in Opposition
Affiliated symposium on The Logic of Opposition: "An arithmetization of logical oppositions"
2. 02-03.05, Paris (France)
International Logic Workshop, LaLIC: "Which logic for Negation?"
1. 05-06.01, Delhi (India)
Workshop Logic and Philosophy Today, ICLA2011: "Indian dialectical logics"

9. 20-22.09, Ghent (Belgium)
International Conference LRR10: "Abstract logic of opposition"
8. 05-07.09, Bydgoszcz (Poland)
International Conference The Right to Believe: Perspectives in Religious Epistemology: "On religious beliefs and set theory"
7. 22-23.06, Nice (France)
Workshop NOT: "A structural semantics for multimodalities"
6. 17-20.06, Corte (France)
2nd World Congress about the Square of Oppositions: "A theory of opposites"
5. 18.05, Bydgoszcz (Poland)
"Two dialectical logics: saptabhaṅgī and catuṣkoṭi"
4. 12-16.05, Gdansk (Poland)
Workshop Entia et Nomina: "Many-valued oppositions"
3. 01.04, Dresden (Germany)

Workshop Negation, Falsity and Truth-Values (with H. Wansing, D. Miller et Y. Shramko): "Falsification from the standpoint of the theory of opposition"

2. 24-26.03, Caen (France)
Colloquium A Contrario CRISCO: "Oppositions et opposés"
1. 23.01, Leuven (Belgium)
Workshop NOT: Some remarks on NOT's logical poly-simplexes"

3. 09-10.10, Boulogne-sur-Mer (France)
Conference MacColl, Centenary of Hugh MacColl's death: "MacColl's Modes of Modalities"
2. 02-05.09, Geneva (Switzerland)
Comgress SOPHA 2009: "A plea for epistemic truth: Jaina logi from a many-valued perspective"
1. 31.08-02.09, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Workshop: Practice-based philosophy of logic and mathematics, ILLC, University of Amsterdam: "On the role of practices in logical disagreements" (with Amirouche Moktefi)

6. 05-07.11, Brussels (Belgium)Conference Logic Now and Then, CRISSP: "A semantics for assertoric sentences" (with AlessioMoretti)
5. 19-21.09, Herrsching (Germany)
5th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams: "Depicting Negation in Diagrammatic Logic: Legacy and Prospects" (with Amirouche Moktefi)
4. 10-14.09, Praha, Villa Lanna (Czec Republic)
Conference Logic of Change, Change of Logic LOCCOL 2008: "Belief revisions from an algebraic perspective: A four-valued dynamic doxastic logic and its applications within n-valuation"
3. 23-26.08, Krakow (Poland)
6th European Congress of Analytic Philosophy, ECAP08: "Is 'opposition' a binary concept? (Suszko's Thesis and the logical poly-simplexes)"
2. 13-18.07, Melbourne (Australia)
4th Congress on Paraconsistency WCP4: "Truth-values are not the whole story (a paranormal logic of acceptance and rejection within n-valuation)?
1. 08-09.05, Quebec (Canada)
Round table on "Logic, Thought, and Action (D. Vanderveken, ed.), "Review of Newton C.A. Da Costa & J.-Y. Beziau's On the usefulness of paraconsistent logic: Notes on paraconsistency"

4. 05-06.09, Bydgoszcz (Poland)
International Congress, Scientific knowledge and common knowledge: the big divide?: "Negation and dichotomy"
3. 16-22.08, Xi'An (China)
International Congress UNILOG08, 2nd International Congress on Universal Logic: "Universal Theory of Negation" (tutorial)
2. 09-15.08, Beijing (China)
13rd Congress LMPS: "Negation and Dichotomy"
1. 01-03.06, Montreux (Switzerland)
International Congress The Square of Opposition: "Illocutionary Oppositions"

2. 01-03.09, Aix-en-Provence (France)
Congress SOPHA 2006: "Pou􀆌 u􀅶e logi􀆋ue 􀅵odale illo􀄐utoi􀆌e􀍟
1. 12-13.03, Rennes (France)
Workshop Epistémologie, Connaissance, et Contexte: "Un chaînon manquant entre les logiques locutoires et illocutoires? La logique épistémique"

3. 14.10, Haus der Universitat, Bern (Switzerland)
3rd meeting of the Vicious Circle Society: "Philosophy of a philosophical logic"
2. 05-08.09, Torun (Poland)
1st Logic-Philosophical Workshop: "Logical philosophy versus philosophical logic. A plea for bivalence"
1. 26.03-03.04, Montreux (Switzerland)
1st International Congress on Universal Logic: "Why not universal logic? Why 'no universal logic!'?"

6. 08.12, Neuchâtel (Switzerland)
Séminaire de recherche La logique en philosophie (Jean-Yves Beziau): "Un antiréalisme radical: pour une épistémisation de la logique"
5. 04-06.11, San Sebastian (Spain)
3rd International Workshop on the History and Philosophy of Logic, Mathematics, and Computation: "Epistemizing logic"
4. 27-29.06, Rostock (Germany)
Seminary Wissenschaft und Gewalt (Niko Strobach): "An unavoidable violence? Quine's Principle of Charity"
Seminary about Frege (Bertram Kienzle): "What means 'to mean'? Frege and non-classical logics"
3. 16.06, Nancy (France)
Seminary Henri Poincaré: "Logique épistémique, épistémologie de la logique"
2. 23.04, Fribourg (Switzerland)
Workshop La logique dans la philosophie La portée et l’usage de la logique en philosophie: "Dire, prédire ou redire? Sur la valeur explicative des reconstructions formelles enphilosophie. Le cas des futurs contingents"
1. 20-21.02, Nice (France)Colloquium
La philosophie entre unité/pluralité logique et unité/pluralité mathématique: "Du formalisme tout terrain : la sémantique formelle selon Hintikka"

1. 26-28.09, Montréal (Canada)Congress SOPHA 2003: "Dire et penser dans le principe psychologique de non-contradiction d'Aristote"

HSE Semantics & Pragmatics Workshop

On September 30 - October 1, 2016,  an international Semantics & Pragmatics Workshop was held at HSE. The event was organized by the School of Linguistics, the School of Philosophy and the Formal Philosophy Research Group.

HSE Semantics & Pragmatics Workshop

30 сентября и 1 октября в НИУ ВШЭ состоялся международный воркшоп по семантике и прагматике (HSE Semantics & Pragmatics Workshop), организованный Школой лингвистики, Школой философии и  научно-учебной группой «Формальная философия».

New Voices: Research Projects and Ideas

In 2015 HSE laboratories and centres chose 24 scholars as post-doctoral fellows in the fields of philosophy, history, data analysis, finance, and cognitive studies. University bulletin HSE Look introduces these researchers as well as the teams with which they are now working.