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Адрес: Старая Басманная ул., д. 21/4, стр. 3, каб. Л-307
Время присутствия: Пн 14:00-16:00
ORCID: 0000-0001-7817-8966
ResearcherID: D-5014-2016
Scopus AuthorID: 57193857124
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Порус В. Н.
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Уинклер Шон Патрик

  • Начал работать в НИУ ВШЭ в 2017 году.

Образование, учёные степени

  • 2016
    PhD: Лёвенский католический университет
  • 2010

    Магистратура: Университет Лойола Мэримаунт, специальность «Философия»

  • 2007

    Бакалавриат: Университет Лойола Мэримаунт, специальность «Философия»






Статья Winkler S. P. "The Novel of Spinozism: An Introduction" // Interpretationes. Studia philosophica europeanea. 2013. Vol. 2. No. 5. P. 129-142. (в печати)


Глава книги Winkler S. P. "'The Bartleby Effect': Deleuze's Critical-Clinical and Melville's Bartleby, the Scrivener", in: Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society. Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012. Ch. 6. P. 94-113. (в печати)


Статья Winkler S. P. "Darwin's Natural Selection and the Need for a Kuhnian Apology" // Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia. 2010. Vol. 66. No. 4. P. 919-930.

Living and Working in Multicultural Moscow

In 2017, Sean Winkler joined the School of Philosophy as a research fellow. Originally from Chino Hills, California, he holds an undergraduate and Master’s degree in philosophy from Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, California), as well as a Master’s degree and PhD from KU Leuven (Leuven, Belgium), where his dissertation focused on the work of 17th century philosopher Baruch Spinoza. In his role as a postdoctoral research fellow for the School of Philosophy at HSE, Winkler specializes in the study of early modern philosophy. Besides early modern thought, his interests span from 20th-century French continental philosophy, to critical theory, to Daoism and to philosophy of science.

Welcome Aboard: Post-Doc Introductions

Every year, HSE hires post-doctoral researchers from all over the world. And in 2017-18, more than 30 of them started work at laboratories and research centres in a large range of fields and specializations. The HSE Lookis pleased to introduce this year’s international researchers, so that you can learn more about your colleagues and find out about opportunities for potential collaboration.