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Континьелло Мария Соле

  • Начала работать в НИУ ВШЭ в 2017 году.

Образование, учёные степени

  • 2015
  • 2007

    Магистратура: Римский университет Ла Сапиенца, специальность «Магистр»

Учебные курсы (2018/2019 уч. год)


Forthcoming (fall 2017) Book chapter. ‘L’inquadramento giuridico delle missioni di pace italiane dal 1982 ad oggi', in Andrea Ungari (ed.), Le missioni militari italiane all’estero, Rodorigo, Rome 2017.

March 2014 Comunità Valdese. ‘Compagnie Private e Militari di Sicurezza e l’Italia: un fenomeno nascosto’. (Report)

July 2013 ITPCM International Commentary. ‘Was the transformative occupation of Iraq lawful?’. Vol. IX, n. 33, July 2013.

April 2013 Un Ponte Per/Rete Italiana per il Disarmo. La Normativa Italiana e Internazionale sulle Compagnie Private e Militari Di Sicurezza. (Parliamentary Report)

March 2013 ‘Osservatorio Iraq’. ‘Privatizing the art of war : Assessing the accountability of PMSCs under IHL and HRL’ (online)

April 2012 ITPCM International Commentary. ‘Iranian Women: Gender discrimination by Law’, Vol. VIII n. 29, April 2012

Книга Continiello M. S., Cucciolla R. M., Ungari A. Forze di pace: Un'analisi giuridica, storica e strategica delle missioni militari italiane all'estero / Ed. by M. S. Continiello. Rome: Rodorigo Editore, 2018.


15 June 2017 University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Department of History, Humanities and Society – Rome, Italy. “L'incontro del comunismo riformatore e della Chiesa Cattolica con i diritti umani” (The approach of the reformist comunism with the Catholic Church and Human Rights Law). Workshop Prin 2017.
5 June 2013 Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, DIRPOLIS – Pisa, Italy. “The historical and juridical analysis of the occupatio bellica: from the hague regulations of 1899 and 1907 to the actual praxis.” Seminar Doctoral.

20 March 2013 ‘La Sapienza’ University - Rome, Italy. “Privatizing war: the international challenges for regulating Private Military and Security Companies”

19 March 2013 Italian Parliament, Rome, Italy. Commission for Foreign Affairs and Defence. Presentation of the advocacy campaign ‘Stop alla Privatizzazione della Guerra!’

5 December 2012 Brescia University and Associazione ADL Zavidovici- Brescia, Italy. International Law and Human Rights Law in cases. “Iraq after Saddam Hussein. The history of the Iraqi occupation and its consequences under IHL”. (Lecturer)

14 August 2012 United Nations – Geneva, Switzerland. Open Ended Inter-Governmental Working Group on an international regulatory framework for the activities of PMSCs. (2nd session)

Опыт работы

10/2016 - on-going Integration Programme Support Officer. Italian Red Cros (IV Municipality, Humanitarian Presidium CRI) - Rome, Italy

03/2016– 08/2016 Legal Assistant (Blue Book Traineeship). European Commission DEVCO – Unit G3 “Legal,Contract and Finance for Latin America and Caribbean” - Bruxelles, Belgi

03/2012–05/2013 Legal Advisor/Scentific Coordinator for the international campaign ‘ControlPMSC’. Un Ponte Per (UPP)/Rete Italiana Per il Disarmo - Rome , Italy

11/2008 - 04/2009 Junior Legal Associate (Criminal and Environmental Law). Gianni, Origoni, Cappelli & partners - Rome, Italy 11/2007–02/2008 Legal Apprenticeship (Family and Civil Law). Martignetti Law Firm - Rome, Italy

11/2005–11/2007 Administrative Assistant(University Fellowship). Department of International Law and European Law at Faculty of Law, ‘La Sapienza’ University - Rome, Italy

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Полное расписание

Centre of Comparative Law Provides a Home for Italian Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Maria Sole Continiello Neri, a native of Rome, Italy, recently joined the Centre of Comparative Law at HSE as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. While at HSE, she will study Russian immigration law and practice against the backdrop of the European Court of Human Rights. She also plans to study law and ethics of the use of Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWs) during armed conflict.

Welcome Aboard: Post-Doc Introductions

Every year, HSE hires post-doctoral researchers from all over the world. And in 2017-18, more than 30 of them started work at laboratories and research centres in a large range of fields and specializations. The HSE Lookis pleased to introduce this year’s international researchers, so that you can learn more about your colleagues and find out about opportunities for potential collaboration.