Magical Journey to Christmas

As more and more Moscow streets turn pedestrian, the idea of walking around the city is becoming more and more attractive. Even more so this winter, since the Moscow government has organized a festival ‘Magical Journey to Christmas’, which is taking place around the city in various pedestrian zones until January 11.

36 different locations throughout the city are open for celebrations and aim to help us relive magical childhood holiday memories. The Journey to the Magic Land kicks off at Red Square and then takes over Nikolskaya, Maroseyka and Arbat streets, as well as Stoleshnikov Lane and many more streets and pedestrian areas. The Journey also includes VDNKh and the area next to Ostankino pond.

Most locations are open from 12 pm to 9 pm on weekdays, and from 11 am to 10 pm on weekends.

See map of locations in English.

Manezhnaya Ploshchad and Ploshchad Revolutsii near the Kremlin have been turned into Gnome Town. Here you can ride on a merry-go-round, create ornaments and desserts in workshops, and look for hidden treasure with the help of a gnome map. See the detailed programme in Russian.

The space in front of the Bolshoi Theatre is now called ‘Angel City’. Here you can take a photo inside a huge glass bauble, make a wish under the magic arch, and see how an old mechanical theatre works. In the evenings music is played and there are theatre performances on the stage. See the detailed programme in Russian.

One of the largest skating rinks in the city has opened at VDNKh, and in addition to this, it’s also one of the festival venues. Here you can skate or visit a Christmas fair with souvenirs and traditional holiday snacks and drinks. VDNKh will also be open on New Year’s Eve until 2 am. On December 31 a ticket to the skating rink will cost 700 roubles for adults, and 250 roubles for children.

Arbat has been turned into an Oriental Bazaar. Near Praga restaurant, you can taste exotic food flavors, feed camels and, perhaps, even take a ride on one. See the detailed programme in Russian.

On Kuznetsky Most near TsUM Pinocchio invites the guests to take a trip to Sicily. Here you can learn to cook Sicilian food, take theatre master classes or even stage your own puppet performance. See the detailed programme in Russian.

You can find many more locations on the map.