The War Takes Part in Me

An exhibition of WWII artifacts at ARTSTORY gallery with free entrance, open until May 10th.

The latest project by ARTSTORY gallery, The War Takes Part in Me, is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory in the Great Patriotic War (this is how USSR’s resistance to the Nazi invasion during WWII is called in Russia). The exhibition, which tells us about the most grueling period in the country’s history, when the Soviet Union lost over 26 million of its population, takes place from March 19th to May 10th, 2015. It is made up of authentic exhibits and documents from 1941-1945. The authors include both renowned artists and  often-overlooked painters who volunteered at the front, or worked as war correspondents for national newspapers. The exposition features over 300 pieces of art and other artifacts, such as graphic works, posters, postage stamps, postcards, and rare documents of the war period from 30 private collections and the families of the artists involved.

The narration is authentically sharp thanks to unique artifacts of the epoch: everyday objects from the front, propaganda posters, leaflets, yellowed newspapers pages, and, most importantly, private letters from participants and witnesses of the victories and defeats. Visitors to the exhibition will feel like participants of those long-distant events. Viewers will find themselves on the front line of the War, in a trench or a dugout.

The topic of the war in Soviet art had a specific way of being expressed. There really are just a few artworks that are, at heart, tragic and truthful. That’s why sketches made by artists at the front, which were made for private use and avoided censorship, are especially valuable. They are unique in their sincerity and authenticity.

A nice bonus is that the curator speaks English and is always happy to give visitors more details about the exhibition.

ARTSTORY gallery

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