Moscow Bike Parade

On May 31st, the 5th Moscow Bike Parade will take place in the Russian capital. The event aims to promote the development of bike sports and safe bike riding. Everyone can participate without the need for registration.

Over 20,000 cyclists will ride along the Garden Ring and other central streets and boulevards on bikes of various types.

Participants will gather from midday on Akademika Sakharova Prospekt; the parade starts at 2 pm.

Participation rules

  • Everyone aged over 14 is invited to participate. Participation is free. Registration is not required.
  • Any types of propaganda, political slogans and symbols are prohibited at the event. Flags and distribution of merchandise without specific permission from the Organizing Committee are also prohibited.
  • Volunteers and marshals will accompany the participants before the start and during the route. Participants should follow their instructions.
  • The event is not a race, which is why various types of bikes can participate: racing bikes, mountain bikes, city cruisers, tandems, monocycles etc. Please don’t overtake each other, but rather move with the general speed of the parade. The aim of the Bike Parade is to show the variety and opportunities of the bicycle as a means of transport.
  • Please move only along the correct lane. Don’t move into the oncoming lane or ride on the pavement.
  • If your bike breaks down and you can’t continue, please stand by the pavement and wait for a technical support car. You’ll get help! Please do check your bike before coming to the Bike Parade to ensure it’s in good working order.
  • Try not to stop in the middle of the street. If you have to stop – stand by the pavement.
  • Participants of the Moscow Bike Parade take responsibility for their own safety. The use of a helmet is recommended but is voluntary for each participant.