Flower Jam Festival in Moscow

This summer street festival in downtown Moscow brings together two major delights of the sunny season – flowers and desserts. The Flower Jam Festival is taking place until August 6, 2017.

Flower Jam Festival in Moscow

More than 40 venues around Moscow are welcoming guests to marvel at unusual flower compositions, taste homemade ice cream, jam and other goodies, as well as attend concerts, performances and various types of workshops.

Restaurant and markets will be offering guests delicious and unusual sweets from all over the world, including various types of jams and cold drinks, cakes and pastry, honey, and ice cream. For instance, a stall at Ploshad Revolutsii will be selling ice cream shaped like Che Guevara, Mickey Mouse, or Darth Vader, while 25 sorts of ice cream are being offered at Tverskaya Ploshad (with six of them being lactose- and sugar-free).

The Flower Jam Festival brings together the best landscape architects, designers and florists of Russia and the world. For instance, the projects of finalists of the Open International Landscape Design Competition are being used to decorate festival venues through the streets, squares and parks of Moscow. Visitors will see flowerbeds, flower panels, art installations and unusual floral compositions, as well as have a chance to learn the basics of floristry and gardening at various workshops.

You can find more information on the festival’s website in English.

Click here to view more information and a map of the festival (in Russian).