The Appearance of the Hero. In Search of Mikhail Bulgakov

The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Pavilion at VDNH is hosting an exhibition entitled ‘The Appearance of the Hero. In Search of Mikhail Bulgakov,’ prepared jointly by VDNH and the Bulgakov Museum.

The first part of the exhibition, entitled ‘Retrieving the Master’, exhibits the writer’s personal belongings, including cuff links, a visiting card, handkerchief, cigar case, monocle, coffee heating coaster, and even a perfume bottle with Bulgakov’s hair lock.

The second part, ‘Alas, I'm not a Hero,’ showcases documents, manuscripts, and letters. One of the most interesting exhibits is a notebook with the first edition of The Master and Margarita, written in 1928 (there were a total eight editions). Incidentally, there is no Master or Margarita among the characters yet. Near the notebook, we see Bulgakov’s letter to Stalin and minutes of his interrogations.

‘Follow Me, My Reader!’ is the third part of the exhibition, which offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the artistic world of Bulgakov's texts and experience the reality of the author’s imagination. The artists have recreated buildings and rooms from his works. There is also the ‘evil apartment,’ where Satan’s ball took place in The Master and Margarita. In its image, the writer described his own apartment on Bolshaya Sadovaya in Moscow.

Address:Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Pavilion, VDNH
Opening Times:December 5, 2018 –March 31, 2019, Tuesday – Sunday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Tickets: adults: 300 RUB (for one exhibition) and 400 RUB (for ‘The Appearance of the Hero. In Search of Mikhail Bulgakov’ and ‘Major Characters. Selected Works from the Collection of the Samara Art Museum’ exhibitions); students: 100 RUB.