Festive Spirit at Moscow Skating Rinks

There are a lot of skating rinks in Moscow, but some of them are especially popular, thanks to their signature locations and beautiful surroundings.

GUM Skating Rink

Red Square

Skate in the very heart of Moscow with a view of St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin towers. The rink
is open daily from November 30th to March 1st from 10 am to 11:30 pm and can hold up to 450 people. Skating is organized into 1-hour sessions with 30-min breaks. Skate rentals are available at an additional cost of 300 RUB. Information on the schedule, prices and discounts is available on the rink’s website (in English).

When you visit the Red Square, don’t forget to check out the GUM store! Even if you are not looking to make a purchase, it is always a superbly decorated building filled with l Christmas trees and ornaments—a good sip of festive spirit.

VDNH Skating Rink

Central area of VDNH, VDNKh metro station

Every winter, the central part of VDNH turns into a huge skating rink encompassing about 20,000 square metres. Here you can skate with a view of the beautiful Stalinist architecture. The rink is open from Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 11 pm, and on weekends and national holidays from 10 am to 11 pm. The rink is closed on Mondays, and there is a technical break from 3 to 5 pm. See the map of the rink here: https://katok.vdnh.ru/places/katok-vdnkh/ (the rink is highlighted in blue).

Prices for adults range from 350 to 650 RUB for half a day, depending on the date. Skate rentals are also available for 300 – 350 RUB.

Gorky Park Skating Rink

Gorky Park, Oktyabrskaya metro station

The rink around the central area of Gorky Park is open through March 9, 2020. Working hours are Tuesday to Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm and from 5 pm to 11 pm; Friday to Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm and from 5 pm to midnight. The rink is closed on Mondays. Prices for admission range from 350 to 650 RUB. Skate rentals and storage lockers are also available. For the schedule, prices, and maps, please visit the official website.