Photography Exhibition of Yury Rost at Khokhlovka

An outdoor photo exhibition has opened on the fence of the Trinity Church on Khokhlovsky Lane, a few minutes-walk from the HSE Faculty of Media and Communications and the Pokrovka complex.

Yury Rost, 82, is a renowned Soviet and Russian photographer, journalist, and writer. He has exhibited his works at galleries and museums worldwide. He is the author of numerous books and publications, and he is one of the few recipients of the Amarcord, a special award founded by Federico Fellini and Tonino Guerra, inspired by the work of Sergei Paradjanov. In 2000, Rost was awarded the State Prize of Russia for his cycle of photographs Group Portrait Against the Backdrop of the Century. Today, he works as a columnist for Novaya Gazeta newspaper.

Rost’s photos portray renowned people, writers, and ballerinas, including the Trinity Church’s senior priest Alexey Uminsky, as well as ‘ordinary Russians’, whose stories reflect the history of the country, its troubles and triumphs, its greatness and tragedy.

The photos are displayed on the church fence and are available to the public 24/7.

Address: 14 Khokhlovsky Pereulok, building 5. Trinity Church.