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Tolstoy Rules and Tinder for Mayakovsky: HSE Students Present Projects for Moscow Museums

At the end of November, HSE students presented their projects for Moscow literature museum development at Gogol’s House.

Art Night in Moscow

The night of November 4 – 5 is Art Night in Moscow. Museums, theaters, and even a cathedral are offering something special after sunset for all those who enjoy the culture and the arts.

English-language Lectures at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art has launched a series of lectures on Russian Art of the 20th and early 21st centuries for an English-speaking audience. 

Victory Day Exhibitions

On May 9th, 2015, Russia celebrates the 70th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War – this is how the part of the World War II that took place on Russian territory is called in Russia. Several Moscow museums have prepared special exhibitions dedicated to the war, in which the Soviet Union lost over 26 million people, and the victory over Nazism in Europe.

HSE Design Professors Exhibiting at MMOMA

From December 11 to January 18, 2015 works by Protei Tyomen and Maria Smirnova, teachers at the HSE School of Design, and by some of their students will be on display in the Images of Museums exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA).

Moscow Planetarium

In a city like Moscow, one can hardly ever see stars in the night sky. But everyone has the opportunity to explore the infinity of the universe at Moscow Planetarium, which has just turned 85.

Moscow and London. Reflections. 1914 – 2014

On October 17, 2014, an exhibition ‘Moscow and London. Reflections. 1914 – 2014’ opened at the Museum of Moscow. It is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the ‘Old English Embassy’ museum and tells the story of life in two world capitals during the last century through the use of photography and newsreel.
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