Safety Tips

Moscow is a clean city with no slums or high risk districts, generally quite safe. Public transportation is cheap and efficient. Some prudence, however, is required in Moscow as in any large city, particularly in special occasions (like soccer matches, night events, etc.). Pickpocketing still exists, especially in public transportation, night clubs, and pop-star concerts. Although racism is considered a crime both by the law and by public opinion, there exist extremist racist groups (like skinheads) one should be aware of. The dangers of Moscow are no worse than those of a large city in the US or Canada. If a little caution is taken, you are highly unlikely to face any serious problems.

We recommend following basic precautions that would apply to living in any big city.

  • Always have a copy of your passport, visa, and the original registration card on you
  • Have your country's embassy number on the contact list of your mobile phone.
  • Watch out for pickpockets in crowded places
  • Keep an eye on your luggage while travelling and try not to take more than you can comfortably carry
  • Store your valuables (money, wallet, credit cards, passport) in zipped pockets (on your clothes or in your bag)
  • Always know how you will get home, i.e., the time of the last train/bus or the telephone number of a reputable taxi firm
  • Do not react to verbal abuse/invitations
Police are allowed to stop anyone on the street or in the Metro and ask for the documents. It is a good idea to tell the police officer that you will call your embassy to have a representative meet you.

Emergency numbers

Universal emergency number for mobile phones - '112'.