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Лекция Лорана Тевено «A New Convention: Governing through the Objective»

1 ноя 2010

1 ноября 2010 года состоялась лекция одного из ведущих французских ученых, профессора Лорана Тевено, организованная Институтом статистических исследований и экономики знаний ВШЭ.

Лоран Тевено (Laurent Thévenot), профессор Центра экономических и статистических исследований (CREST), директор по исследованиям Высшей школы социальных наук Франции (EHESS), выступит с лекцией на тему «A New Convention: Governing through the Objective».


Standardization has been extended far beyond the industrial world. It participates in governing our lives and the lives of all living entities by producing public guarantees in the form of standards. Social studies of medicine have provided a precious contribution to advancing standardization as a topic of inquiry, most notably through investigations of the relationship between ‘regulation’ and ‘objectivity’, drawn together in the concept of the standard. We’ll discuss this contribution from the point of view of ‘regimes of engagement’, that is, a variety of ways in which the human is committed to their environment — from public stances to the closest forms of proximity — and in pursuit of a kind of ‘good’. These regimes are distinguished according to the good they promise as well as the degree to which the guarantee being offered can be held in common.  The discussion extends the critique raised by scholarship on standards, by taking into account the oppression and subjugation that standardization can engender.

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