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Language Proficiency
+7(495) 772-9590 *12510
Address: 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Pokrovka Complex, room L415
Office hours
Mon.-Fri.: 11.30 a.m. - 6.30 p.m.
A. Korovko
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Evgenia M. Nesterenko

  • Evgenia M. Nesterenko has been at HSE University since 2009.

Participation in the development of draft local acts on the organization of normative and methodological support of the educational process at the Higher School of Economics;

Participation in the implementation of methodological guidance and coordination of the employees of the UROP;

Participation in the organization of the statement of tasks and functional requirements for the development of procedures for the development, approval and adjustment of curricula in the comprehensive ASAU system;

Interaction in the Directorate of Information Technology on the operation of the automated ASAV system;

Exercise control over the development and implementation of curricula;

Fulfillment of tasks and instructions of the Head of the Department for the Development of Educational Programs, Director of the Directorate of Basic Educational Programs;

Participation in meetings on current issues of the Office of Development of Educational Programs;

Methodical and technical support for employees of educational offices



Russian State University for the Humanities