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  • 'I’ve Always Wanted to Be of Benefit to People and not Just Sell Them Something'

    'I’ve Always Wanted to Be of Benefit to People and not Just Sell Them Something'

    As businesspeople say: ‘If you’re doing what you really love, your business will succeed.’ This idea has guided SUP-club.ru founder and director Maria Smirnova. In an interview for Success Builder, she explained how people over 30 can overcome the fear of making life changes, how to make a customer happy in five minutes, where to go surfing in Moscow, and why it’s no longer shameful to be a political scientist.

  • By the Mountains: HSE Perm

    By the Mountains: HSE Perm

    HSE University is famous for not only its various locations throughout Moscow, but also its regional campuses in three other major Russian cities. We are delighted to tell you about HSE’s second youngest campus in Perm, which is home to over 2,000 students (around 1,450 of them are full-time learners) and 120 teachers, while also offering 13 education programmes. Galina Volodina, Director of HSE Perm, tells The HSE Look about HSE Perm’s degree programmes, plans for development, and its meaningful contributions to the life of the city and the surrounding region.


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