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All the latest updates for HSE community members

  • HSE to Launch a Satellite into Space

    HSE to Launch a Satellite into Space

    By the end of 2020, HSE scientists will launch their own satellite into low Earth orbit, which will allow them to observe the Earth via the satellite’s remote sensors. To design and create the satellite, specialists and students of MIEM HSE and the HSE Lyceum worked closely with the Sputniks company, the Sirius Education Centre, and Scanex.

  • HSE Supercomputer Is Named HARISMa

    HSE Supercomputer Is Named HARISMa

    In July this year, there was an open vote to name the HSE’s supercomputer. Two names - Corvus (‘crow’ in Latin; the crow is HSE's mascot) and HARISMa (HSE Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputer Modeling) – received the most votes. The latter won by a narrow margin, with 441 people (one in three of those who took part in the vote) choosing this name.


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September 3


3rd International Online Seminar on Computational Educational Sciences: 'Uplift Modeling for Preventing Student Dropout in Higher Education'

16–18 September

International Seminar on 'Global Longevity: Advances and Challenges'

21–23 September

International Conference on Applied Research in Economics

21–25 September

International Fall School 'Education and Development'

24–26 September

'Post-Socialist and Comparative Memory Studies' Conference: Call for Papers

12–16 October

International Conference on Computer Simulation in Physics and beyond

15–16 October

International Conference 'Migrants and Refugees Integration in the 21st Century'

19–20 October

International Conference 'Korea and Russia: International Agenda'

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