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  • 'I Am Looking Forward to Lecturing Live'

    'I Am Looking Forward to Lecturing Live'

    Peio Zuazo-Garin, ICEF Assistant Professor and a PhD graduate from the University of the Basque Country, joined HSE University at a time when all the usual formats of research and teaching were disrupted by the pandemic. In an interview he told how to adapt to a new place of work online, what are the pros and cons of academic prestige, why he loves Moscow and why he recalls bullfighting during the discussions with ICEF students.

  • Researchers Outline Specific Patterns in Reading in Russian

    Researchers Outline Specific Patterns in Reading in Russian

    Psycholinguists from the HSE Center for Language and Brain, in collaboration with researchers from the City University of New York and the University of Stuttgart, investigated how reading in Russian varies among different groups of readers. The authors used a novel method in bilingualism research — comparison of the eye-movement sequences (scanpaths) in adult native speakers of Russian, Russian-speaking children, and adult bilinguals with different levels of Russian proficiency. The results of the study were published in Reading Research Quarterly.

  • HSE International Summer University Courses Started June 22

    HSE International Summer University Courses Started June 22

    This year, International Summer University is held online for the second time. Eight courses in a variety of disciplines will run from June 20 to August 20. The summer programme brings together students from all over the world, including China, Italy, India, Norway, and other countries. The most popular courses include Politics and Economics of Energy, Challenges to EU-Russia Economic Links and Russian as a Foreign Language. Registration is still open for several courses starting in July.

  • Make the Most of the Sun

    Make the Most of the Sun

    Professor Alexey Tameev of HSE MIEM, along with a team of colleagues, has proposed a calculation method to determine the optimal photoactive layer thickness which can maximize the power conversion efficiency of solar cells. Applicable for both polymer andperovskite solar cells, the method can become a milestone on the path from laboratory samples to solar cells made from new generation materials. The results of the research are covered in ‘A common optical approach to thickness optimization in polymer and perovskite solar cells’, an article published in Scientific Reports.


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June 24

International online workshop ‘Foresight Tools: Evolution and New Approaches

June 29


'Master of Business Analytics' admissions webinar

June 29


Webinar 'ESG Reporting Insights'

1–7 August

Summer school 'Cluster Algerbas and Moduli Space'

2–5 August

International Conference 'Topological Methods in Dynamics and Related Topics'

October 15

10th Annual CInSt Banking Workshop 'Banking in Emerging Markets: Challenges and Opportunities'

22–23 October

International Conference on Chinese Studies in Honor of Academician B.L. Riftin

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