Important announcements 1
Waiting lists for accommodation facilities have been posted (for students and enrollees of the HSE 2022/2023 set)


During the meeting with one of the largest aggregators of rental real estate in Moscow, the possibility of offering apartment options for HSE students was discussed, considering the creation of the most convenient booking mechanism using aggregator technologies.
July 27
It will work for students and staff who need help due to a special operation on the territory of Ukraine
February 28
The team of specialists considers both the options of their own developers and suggestions from the outside.
February 27

How it works

  • Step  1:  Log into your HSE University personal account

  • Step  2:  Fill in the accommodation application form (from the available options).

  • Step  3:  Wait to receive the accommodation agreement and payment slip.

  • Step  4:  Sign the lease agreement, make the payment

  • Step  5:  Move in


Dmitry Ryndin

Student housing office: Head of Department

Phone: +7-495-772-9590
Ekaterina Lomovitskaya

Student housing office: Russian student manager

Phone: +7-495-772-9590, ext. 28385;
Koblova Anna

Student housing office: International student manager

Phone: +7-495-772-95-90, ext. 28573
Mobile phone: +7-985-113-6259
Evgeny Minakov

Student housing office: Partner relations manager

Phone: +7-495-772-9590, ext. 28631
Marina A. Belousova

Student housing office: Russian student manager

Phone: +7-495-772-9590, ext. 28384
Marina Rezanova

Student housing office: Clerk

Phone: +7-495-772-9590, ext. 18138

If you have any questions, please call +7 (495) 531-00-67 monday - friday 09.30-18.00