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  • Booking terms for students and applicants
  • The new Services has been launched
  • A special offer of accommodation for parents students at the Сosmos Hotel for a special price
  • Accommodation guide is available
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    Applicants/students of the university, as well as parents of applicants/students can stay in the rooms of the Cosmos Hotel at an exclusive price.

    The cost of such accommodation will be 2000 rubles per day for a single or double room. In order to qualify for this discount, you need to write a request to ", indicating in the heading "accommodation in the Cosmos Hotel". The period of stay is from 31.12.2022 to 31.12.2023.
    June 08, 2022
    It will work for students and staff who need help due to a special operation on the territory of Ukraine
    February 28, 2022
    The team of specialists considers both the options of their own developers and suggestions from the outside.
    February 27, 2022

    How it works

    • Step  1:  Log into your HSE University personal account

    • Step  2:  Fill in the accommodation application form (from the available options).

    • Step  3:  Wait to receive the accommodation agreement and payment slip.

    • Step  4:  Sign the lease agreement, make the payment

    • Step  5:  Move in


    HSE University
    Address: 11/10, room D307 Pokrovsky Boulevard
    Moscow, Russia, 109028

    Student Housing Office Call Center: +7 (495) 531-0067

    Dmitry Ryndin

    Student housing office: Head of Department

    Nadezhda Nozhnova

    Student housing office: Manager

    Ekaterina Lomovitskaya

    Student housing office: Russian student manager

    Telcharova Anastasia

    Student housing office: International student manager

    Skvortsova Natalia

    Student housing office: Russian student manager

    Alina Lyapina

    Student housing office: Clerk

    Linetskiy Maxim

    Student housing office: Content manager

    If you have any questions, please write monday - friday 10.00-18.00