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We inform HSE University students who do not receive standard dormitory accommodations of alternative rental options. We provide the following services:

  • Preliminary booking and accommodation options in facilities leased by the university;

  • Consultations regarding any housing issues or questions;

  • Facilitating contact with our partners in the rental housing market;

  • Assistance with problems that may arise while living in rental apartments.

First Vice-Rector Alexander Shamrin on the service model for student accommodation


  • Who is this project for?
    This project was created for students who were unable to secure a place in the HSE dorms. More information on who can be accommodated at HSE dorms can be found in HSE University regulations.
  • Why should I use this service?
    HSE works with trustworthy partners that sign cooperation agreements with the University and fulfil pre-agreed requirements for housing quality and comfort.
    Registration at the place of temporary residence is guaranteed.
    Community: the housing options are only available to HSE students.
    Security: HSE University strives to ensure full security on the premises so students who do not receive standard dormitory accommodations can receive assistance when needed.
  • What kind of assistance can a student receive?
    Students can get housing advice; assistance in considering housing options; accommodation on special conditions available only for HSE students; support for the entire duration of their stay. Please note that students make payments for all accommodation options on their own.
  • When can I start booking an accommodation?
    HSE applicants/students have an opportunity to pre-book their accommodation. To apply for a pre-booking, you should fill out the form in the corresponding section of your personal account, select the accommodation option and submit your application. The deadline for pre-booking applications is July 2021. International students get access to the pre-booking service as soon as they sign an agreement for paid educational services.

How it works

  • Step  1:  Log into your HSE University personal account

  • Step  2:  Submit a housing request (it is possible to submit a preliminary request)

  • Step  3:  Agree to the housing option suggested by the manager

  • Step  4:  Sign the lease agreement, make the payment

  • Step  5:  Move in

Housing Options

Head of the Student Housing Office Dmitry Ryndin on student housing options in Moscow

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for accommodation?

You will need to fill out a form in your online HSE account, choose the accommodation option, and submit your application.

Applications for preliminary booking will be available no later than July 2021. To apply, you must register in your online HSE account as a prospective student of HSE University.

If as a prospective student you do not make a preliminary booking, you will be able to apply for accommodation after you are enrolled as a student via your online HSE student account.

Will I sign a formal rental agreement?

Yes, you will. Each student signs a rental agreement (contract), which covers all important issues. The subject of the contract is accomodation for a single bed in an apartment or a hotel room, depending on the chosen accommodation option.

Can I contact the Student Housing Office managers if I have any questions concerning my accommodation?

Yes. If you have any questions about your accommodation, please contact the Student Housing Office managers.

How will I pay for accommodation? Via the university? A special service? By bank card?

If the contract (rental or accommodation contract) is signed between HSE University and the student, payment is processed via the HSE Payments page. Which means, the same way students pay their tuition fees.


Will there be a security deposit? 

All accommodation options require a security deposit. If the contract (rental contract or accommodation contract) is signed between HSE University and the student, the deposit is paid to the university. If the contract is signed between the student and the partner directly, the deposit is paid to the partner company.

On what terms can the contract be terminated early? If the student decides to leave early, will they get their deposit back?

Colife apartments have a minimum length of stay in the contract. If the minimum stay expires, the deposit can be returned if the student notifies the company about their departure 30 days in advance. If they depart before the minimum stay expires, the deposit cannot be returned.

Students who stay at Sevastopol Hotel or rented homes must notify HSE University 2 months before their departure. The deposit can be returned if the student has paid for the whole period of accommodation and if HSE University has no complaints about the equipment and the condition of the place of stay. Otherwise, the deposit may be retained.

With what amenities are apartments/rooms equipped? Are there study halls, gyms, washing machines, and bicycle stalls on site?

Each accommodation option includes a personal area for work/study, a bed, high-speed Internet, a refrigerator, and a washing machine. Other options such as dishes, bedding, a gym, etc. will depend on the specific accommodation option.

Is there additional infrastructure (co-working areas, gyms etc) on the premises?

The question of additional infrastructure at rental homes is currently being determined. There is a cafe at Sevastopol Hotel. These services are offered at an extra charge.

How close to HSE campus buildings will the apartments be located?

Complexes and apartments are located at a reasonable distance from HSE buildings: you can easily get to campus by public transport in 60 minutes or less.

Will there be security in the building?

If HSE University rents a specific property, only HSE University students live there according to the contract. In this case, the building will have security and entry regulations.


Can I choose which building to live in (features, location, etc.)?

Students can choose from the available options. Depending on the number of applications received, the number of options to choose from may decrease.

If I choose to stay at the hotel, does it have an alternative to a dorm cafeteria with set meals?

There is a cafe at the Sevastopol Hotel. There is no alternative to a cafeteria at any of the accommodation options. Furthermore, there are no cafeterias with set meals at HSE dorms.

Who can use this service? Are bachelor's, master's, and doctoral students eligible? Can I move in at any time of the year?

The accommodation options are available to HSE University students, doctoral students and some categories of university staff (postdocs).

Arrivals are organized in September as part of the regular admissions campaign. In the middle of the academic year, arrivals are possible to places that have been for some reason vacated by previous residents.

Do the accommodation options offer resident registration (for Russian citizens) and migration registration (for international students)?

Sevastopol Hotel offers both resident registration (for Russian citizens) and migration registration (for international students).

Colife apartments offer only resident registration (for Russian citizens). 

Will I have to visit the local Public Service Centre to process my registration?

We can't guarantee that you'll be able to avoid visiting the Public Service Centre, but the university will do its best to make the registration process as convenient as possible.

I don't speak Russian. Will there be a representative of HSE University or the building management who speaks English? How will urgent issues be resolved in this case?

English-speaking operators of a 24-hour call centre will help you resolve urgent issues. The Student Housing Office staff also speak English and are happy to answer any questions.

What are accommodated students supposed to do in case of technical problems (flooding, failed internet connection, etc.) or conflict situations? Is there a service available for solving such problems (like a dorm supervisor)?

Each of the accommodation options offers a system of double response to utility emergencies. The partner organization provides its own response system (i.e., administrators at the hotel; a doorkeeper and/or facility manager at rental properties). If necessary, the student can also contact the Student Housing Office Call Centre.

Who will bear financial responsibility in case of an emergency, such as fire, water leakage, smoke condition, short circuits, and other problems? Who will pay for the damage and required repairs?

In case of emergency, financial responsibility is born by the individual who is guilty in the emergency.

How soon will I receive relocation assistance in case of an emergency? 

In case of an emergency that makes remaining at the property impossible temporarily or completely, students will immediately receive assistance with relocation. Depending on the details of the situation, other temporary options may be offered by the partner company, or temporary places at HSE University dorms (if available), as well as places at Moscow hotels that have partnership agreements with HSE University.

If for some reason I can’t get long-term accommodation, where and for how long will I live before receiving it? How much will this short-term accommodation cost and when should I inquire about it?

If for some reason your permanent place of accommodation is not ready, HSE University will provide temporary accommodation at a cost that does not exceed the cost of permanent accommodation.

I plan to arrive in Moscow on August 25. Where can I stay upon arrival? May I use the accommodation services in advance? If so, how can I register and pay for it?

Students may only move in once they have received official confirmation of enrollment. Priority for move-in will be given to those who have used the pre-booking system.

If I’m visited by my family, can they stay in the same building temporarily? Is it possible to accommodate any relatives or close family members?

By default, our accommodation options do not include this option: no special places are reserved for visitors. But in case there are vacant apartments/rooms, the university has the right to organize such a service.

Is there an option for family accommodation (with girlfriend/boyfriend; husband/wife; children)?

As part of the key accommodation options (Sevastopol Hotel, rental homes) such an option is currently unavailable.

Meanwhile, students can contact the partner organizations directly and ask them to organize such accommodation.

Can roommates be of the same gender only or is mixed-gender accommodation possible? Will I be able to choose? 

According to HSE University regulations, independently of the format of accommodation, only residents of the same gender are accommodated in one apartment/room.

Who else will live in the building/apartment, aside from students?

HSE University's priority is to rent large properties (buildings, parts of buildings) to accommodate students only.

Can I choose to live with friends? Is it possible to live together with HSE University students only or can I invite someone not from the university? 

As part of 2021/2022 admissions, we accommodate only HSE University students. If your potential roommate is an HSE student, you will be able to make a joint application or add comments in two separate applications. (Currently, the application interface is still under development.)

On what terms can I change my accommodation if I don’t get along with my roommates?

If there are vacant places at other accommodation options (rooms, apartments, rental homes, hotels), the university will help you with this. You will sign a new contract on the terms relevant to the date.

If a roommate leaves the apartment, what does it mean for the other residents? Does the university choose a replacement? Will the fee increase for the period?

An accommodation unit in the HSE University accommodation system is a single bed (options with rented room/apartment are also possible, but it is not the case with a roommate).

If the slot is vacated, the university has the right to accommodate another HSE University student who is in need of accommodation. The fee per place will not change for the other residents.

If a student arrives with their family for a short term (3-5 days) for the period of application and entrance exams, is it possible to accommodate them in vacant places in the applicant’s room? What is the minimal term of stay in each accommodation option?

No, there is no such option of temporary accommodation. Places at rented properties are offered from the moment of enrolment, but not earlier than August 25.

Is it possible to live with pets in any of the accommodation options?

No, pets are not allowed in any of the options.

If the student is no longer able to pay for their accommodation, what should they do? Will they get a place in a dorm/ deferment of payment/ financial support from the university?

If there are vacant places at HSE dorms, the university will offer a place, upon a resolution of a social committee.

I already live in the Sevastopol Hotel. Will the terms and conditions of my stay change?

You signed an agreement for the provision of hotel services for a period up to June 30, 2021. The new agreement between HSE University and the Sevastopol Hotel concerning housing terms goes into effect on July 1, 2021. The cost of accommodation in the hotel will change, and the rooms will be offered primarily to students enrolling in 2021.

If you are graduating from a Bachelor's or Master's programme at HSE University in 2021, your stay at the Sevastopol Group of Companies will be extended until August 12. You will sign an additional agreement, and the cost of accommodation will remain the same. You must leave the hotel by August 12, 2021.

If you are continuing your studies, you will get a vacant place in one of HSE dormitories. You will receive a referral to move in via email, and you will have to move in to the dormitory by July 2021. If you do not move in within the specified time period, the referral will become void.

If I can't stay in the Sevastopol Hotel under the new terms and conditions, what options are available to me?

If you are continuing your studies, you will get a vacant place in one of HSE dormitories. You will receive a referral to move in via email, and you will have to move into the dormitory by July 2021. If you do not move in within the specified time period, the referral will become void.

I am graduating this year and am currently living in the Sevastopol Hotel. Can I stay there for the summer holidays for the same cost?

University graduates living in the Sevastopol Hotel can apply to their study office for a vacation after graduation. For them, the cost of living will remain the same, but by August 12 they must move out of the hotel.

Who should I contact if I want to stay at the Sevastopol Hotel during the summer holidays or longer?

If you are graduating from a Bachelor's or Master's programme at HSE University in 2021, your stay at the Sevastopol Group of Companies will be extended until August 12. You will sign an additional agreement, and the cost of accommodation will remain the same. You must leave the hotel by August 12, 2021.

If you are continuing your studies, you will get a vacant place in one of HSE dormitories. You will receive a referral to move in via email, and you will have to move in to the dormitory by July 15, 2021. If you do not move in within the specified time period, the referral will become void. For all questions please contact Lyubov Barminova and Nadezhda Nozhnova.

I am an HSE student. How will the new housing programme affect me? If I live in a dorm, will I still have a place there? Will I be able to use the new service?

If you already live in a dorm, you will not lose your place there. You will be able to use the new service after the main campaign for accommodation of new students. If you plan to use the new service, please write to the Student Housing Office at sho@hse.ru or the office head Dmitry Ryndin.

HSE University reimburses my expenses for rental accommodation. Will I receive reimbursement next academic year?

If you are not graduating from an undergraduate or Master’s programme in 2021, you successfully complete the current academic year, and you are still an enrolled student on September 1, 2021, then you can claim for reimbursement. The regulations for providing financial support to HSE students and doctoral students, which establish reimbursement for housing expenses outside the university's dormitories in the 2021-2022 academic year, are currently being approved. Check the Office for Dormitory, Guesthouse and Recreation Centre Management page for updates as well as the HSE Life Telegram channel.


Starting September 2021, HSE University Moscow is moving to a service model of accommodation for non-resident and international students.
May 17
HSE University is renting a 27-storey block of a new apartment complex, Level Amurskaya, located in the Golyanovo District of Moscow. Only university students will be accommodated in the building, and they will have their choice of renting a single studio or a shared apartment. This agreement is another step towards HSE's transition to a service model for accommodating nonresident and foreign students as part of the University Development Program until 2030.
April 29
HSE is arranging alternative housing options for international students who do not receive standard dormitory accommodations.
December 18, 2020


Dear students after completing your payment for accommodation please follow the link of the chosen accommodation option and join the conversation.


Sergey Kuznetsov

Housing Manager

Housing Manager

Phone: +7-495-772-95-90, ext. 28388
Mobile phone: +7-916-971-4439
Ekaterina Lomovitskaya

Housing Manager

Phone: +7-495-772-9590, ext. 28385;
Mobile phone: +7-916-971-4408
Koblova Anna

International student manager

Phone: +7-495-772-95-90, ext. 28573
Mobile phone: +7-985-113-6259
Aliaksei Zgirouski

International student manager

Тел.: +7-495-772-9590, доб.28573

Due to the epidemiological situation, there is no in-person meetings for students, applicants and their parents.

If you have any questions, please call +7 (495) 531-00-67.


HSE University
Address: 11 Pokrovsky Boulevard
Moscow, Russia, 109028
E-mail: sho@hse.ru