About the office

We inform HSE University students who do not receive standard dormitory accommodations of alternative rental options. We provide the following services:

  • Preliminary booking and accommodation options in facilities leased by the university;

  • Consultations regarding any housing issues or questions;

  • Facilitating contact with our partners in the rental housing market;

  • Assistance with problems that may arise while living in rental apartments.

  • Who is this project for?
    This project was created for students who were unable to secure a place in the HSE dorms. More information on who can be accommodated at HSE dorms can be found in HSE University regulations.
  • Why should I use this service?
    HSE works with trustworthy partners that sign cooperation agreements with the University and fulfil pre-agreed requirements for housing quality and comfort.
    Registration at the place of temporary residence is guaranteed.
    Community: the housing options are only available to HSE students.
    Security: HSE University strives to ensure full security on the premises so students who do not receive standard dormitory accommodations can receive assistance when needed.
  • What kind of assistance can a student receive?
    Students can get housing advice; assistance in considering housing options; accommodation on special conditions available only for HSE students; support for the entire duration of their stay. Please note that students make payments for all accommodation options on their own.
  • When can I start booking an accommodation?
    HSE applicants/students have an opportunity to pre-book their accommodation. To apply for a pre-booking, you should fill out the form in the corresponding section of your personal account, select the accommodation option and submit your application. The deadline for pre-booking applications is July 2022. International students get access to the pre-booking service as soon as they sign an agreement for paid educational services.

First Vice-Rector Alexander Shamrin on the service model for student accommodation

Head of the Student Housing Office Dmitry Ryndin on student housing options in Moscow


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