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HSE University has campuses in four cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, and Perm. Each campus is made up of faculties, within which function schools, departments, institutes, and centres. Faculties are responsible for managing degree programmes.

HSE Campus in Moscow:

HSE divisions offering continuing education programmes:

Anti-Corruption Centre

HSE Banking Institute

Higher School of Law and Administration (in Russian)

Institute for Public Administration and Governance

Institute of Communication Management (in Russian)

Institute of Tax Management and Real Estate Economics (in Russian)

Institute of Education

A.B. Soloviev Institute for State and Local Procurement Management (in Russian)

Competence Development Centre for Finance and Accounting (in Russian)

Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge

Institute of Constuction Industry, Housing and Utilities GASIS (in Russian)

Institute for Economics and Regulation of Natural Monopolies

Department of Innovation Management (in Russian)

HSE Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM HSE)

Faculty of Urban and Regional Development

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Pre-University Training (in Russian)

Faculty of Communications, Media, and Design

Faculty of Computer Science

Faculty of Mathematics

Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Economic Sciences

Federal Methodology Centre for Financial Literacy in Primary and Secondary Education (in Russian)

Centre for Studies of Civil Society and Non-Profit Sector (in Russian)

Executive Education Centre

Center of Continuing Education (in Russian)

Centre for Health Policy

Centre for Manager Development Programmes (in Russian)

Сompetence Development Centre for Business Informatics (in Russian)

Competence Development Centre for Marketing (in Russian)

Competence Development Centre for Project Management (in Russian)

eLearning Development Centre (in Russian)

Accredited Centre for TEF and TEFaQ Certification (in Russian)

Centre for Language and Methodology Training (in Russian)

HSE Art and Design School

School of Foreign Languages

School of Finance 

Other departments involved in teaching:

Military Training Centre (in Russian)

HSE Business Incubator (in Russian)

Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience

Institute of Security Studies (in Russian)

Institute for Social Policy

Institute of Trade Policy

Institute for Economics and Regulation of Natural Monopolies

International laboratory for Applied Network Research

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