HSE University LED Conference

November 29-30, 2023

HSE LED Conference unites scientists and teachers, experts and practitioners, administrators and managers in order to discuss the most timely issues of language education.

Past Events

12th ICEF-CInSt International Moscow Finance Conference

November 24, 2023

The conference is aimed at bringing together scholars involved in both theoretical and empirical research in all fields of finance. The organizing committee particularly welcomes submissions on the current issues concerning banking and finance in emerging and developing markets.

International Forum of Young Researchers of the Creative Economy

November 17, 2023

Questions for discussion:

  • Key trends in the development of the creative economy and creative industries
  • Digitalization of creative industries
  • Assessment, measurement and forecasting of the development of creative industries
  • Analysis of creative clusters
  • Creative potential of cities and regions
  • Best practices for business support in the field of creative industries
  • Sectoral analysis of the development of particular creative industries

International Conference 'Interaction. Integration. Inclusion in the Era of Sociality Crisis'

November 12-15, 2023

The participants will discuss the issues of research and development of socio-cultural integration, approaches and practices implemented in various regions and countries, with an emphasis on the problems that generate a "new exclusion" and affect the integration of "traditionally" marginalized and vulnerable groups of the population.

XIII International Academic Conference ‘Foresight and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy’

November 9, 16, 2023

The conference participants will discuss the best practices of foresight studies and STI development prospects of different countries. The event will bring together renowned Russian and foreign scientists and experts.

International conference 'Korea Exploring the World: Global and Local Challenges in the Late Nineteenth – Mid-twentieth Century'

November 6-7, 2023

The purpose of this year's conference is to create a platform for interdisciplinary academic exchanges between orientalists specializing in Korea, Japan and China, whose scientific research is relevant to the proposed topic, and thus develop a more elaborated understanding of the Korean self-identity’s search and formation in the late XIX - mid XX century.

5th ICEF Conference on Applied Economics

October 28, 2023

Conference programme

Fall into ML 2023: Conference on Machine Learning

October 26-28, 2023

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to): general machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, ML applications (industry, natural sciences, healthcare, neuroscience, social good, climate science, etc.), language models, computer vision, trustworthy machine learning, optimization (convex and non-convex optimization, matrix/tensor methods, etc.), robotics and autonomous vehicles. 

October 26-28, 2023

During the event, the impact of hydrocarbon, nuclear, traditional and new green energy on the development of Mediterranean societies, the use of energy topics in public diplomacy and the representation of great and regional powers in this part of the world will be discussed.

XIV International Conference on Higher Education (ICHE)

October 25-27, 2023

The topic of ICHE 2023 is ‘New Educational Outcomes for Well-Being and Success’.

International Conference 'Russia and the Greater Mediterranean 2023. Human in the Face of a New Energy Agenda'

XVIII International Symposium 'Problems of Redundancy in Information and Control Systems'

October 24-27, 2023

The Symposium covers a wide area of aspects of information and communication systems. The main goal of the event is the reinforcement of cooperation between the representatives of various scientific schools, a possibility for the participants to get awareness of the latest scientific and technical achievements, and sharing their experience with colleagues.

International Conference 'Data Analytics and Management in Data Intensive Domains'

October 24-27, 2023

The conference is planned as a multidisciplinary forum of researchers and practitioners from various domains of science and research promoting cooperation and exchange of ideas in the area of data analysis and management in data intensive domains.

III International Conference in Memory of Academician Boris L. Riftin

October 20-21, 2023

This conference is a regular interdisciplinary and international event, which unites colleagues of academician B.L. Riftin and researchers of various fields of Oriental studies.

X International Conference Modern Econometric Tools and Applications

October 5-7, 2023

Preliminary session topics are:

  • Financial econometrics. Financial markets 
  • Risks, banks, firms, and loans 
  • Estimation of productivity and efficiency 
  • Spatial econometrics 
  • Theoretical foundations of modern econometric tools 
  • Labor econometrics - Empirical macroeconometrics 
  • Stochastic analysis in finance 
  • Other topics.

Conference 'Contemporary Trends and Prospects in the Political Economy of Development'

September 25-26, 2023 

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • Role of institutions in economic development;

  • The role of technology in economic development;

  • Income inequality and wealth distribution;

  • Collective action and public goods;

  • Comparative studies of governance;

  • Social capital, trust, and cultural norms;

  • Human capital and economic development;

  • Political elites and economic performance;

  • History and persistence of economic growth.

Third International Pacific School Conference on Experimental Economics

September 19-27, 2023 

The conference is a platform where researchers will present their work to leading experts in the field of models and methods of experimental economics, behavioral aspects of social interaction, game theory and economic mechanisms.

Sino-Russian Hybrid Conference 'Geometry and Physics'

August 28-31, 2023 

Online conference 'Digital Governance and Public Administration: Interdisciplinary Insights from Research'

June 15-16, 2023

The purpose of the conference is to take a closer look at the ongoing transformations and present various points of view on the development of digital public administration.

5th Conference 'Applied Econometrics'

April 21-22, 2023

The main topics of the Conference: (the list can be extended):

  • Theoretical foundations of modern econometric tools.
  • Applied macroeconomics.
  • Applied microeconomics.
  • Productivity and Efficiency.
  • Spatial econometrics.
  • Financial econometrics. Financial markets.
  • Risk assessment. Banks, enterprises.
  • Stochastic analysis in finance.

XXIV Yasin (April) International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development

April 4-14, 2023

The Conference was held jointly with Russian corporations, as well as research and consulting institutions.