Conferences 2022

International Conference 'Ergodic Theory and Related Topics'

November 21-25, 2022

The conference is devoted to various topics in ergodic theory and related subjects from dynamics and random processes. 

'Foresight and STI Policy'XII International Academic Conference

November 22-25, 2022

The conference participants will discuss a broad range of topics in the domain of Futures Studies, S&T Foresight and STI policy-making. 

The XXXI International Conference 'Problems of Media Law - 2022'

December 19, 2022

Participants of the Conference are invited to discuss:

  • trends and prospects for the transformation of media law in the context of globalization of information relations;
  • actual problems of law enforcement practice in the field of mass communications;
  • actual problems of protection and commercialization of intellectual property created in the field of mass communications etc.;

Past Conferences

XIII International Russian Higher Education Conference 'New Educational Outcomes for Well-Being and Success'

October 26-28, 2022 

Topics of focus

  • Universal competencies as new educational outcomes
  • Evaluation of new educational outcomes in universities
  • The role of universities in achieving student success
  • Well-being and student success
  • Institutional factors, government education policies, and their contribution to student success
  • Big data in managing higher education
  • Professionals in academia and evaluating the effectiveness of research results
  • Employment and the successfulness of university graduates
  • The third mission of universities

International Conference 'The Evolution of Family and Inheritance Law'

October 21, 2022 


  • Novels of inheritance law
  • Prospects for the development of family law
  • Family and inheritance law through the prism of intellectual property
  • Dialectics of family, inheritance and corporate law

2nd International Conference on Social Neuroscience in Ecologically Valid Conditions

October 19-20, 2022 

The organisers welcome posters on the topics of social neuroimaging, naturalistic stimuli neuroscience, social influence in various social contexts, cross- and intra-cultural differences in social neuroscience. 

11th ICEF-CInSt International Moscow Finance Conference

October 14, 2022 

The conference is aimed at bringing together scholars involved in both theoretical and empirical research in the fields of finance which includes theoretical and empirical work in asset pricing, banking, corporate finance, macro-finance, international finance, and microstructure of financial markets.

International Conference 'Subject and Responsibility: Nature, Society, and Culture'

October 6-8, 2022 

The School of Philosophy and Cultural Studies 2022 Conference invites to discuss the changes in the understanding of responsibility and its subject that are occurring in contemporary society. 

International Сonference 'World War II on Trial: The Prosecution of War Criminals and Collaborators in the USSR'

October 6-7, 2022 

The conference aims to discuss the contribution of the Soviet justice system to the investigation of the crimes committed during World War II, the internal and foreign politics of the legal proceedings, the periodization of the Soviet juridical practice, and its changes from Stalin to Gorbachev.

Conference 'Games, Graphs, Generation, Duality'

September 24-25, 2022

The talks will be aimed at a wide audience in all areas of Computer Science and all those who are interested in Theoretical Computer Science and have basic knowledge in this field.

IX International Conference 'Modern Econometric Tools and Applications – META2022'

September 15-17, 2022

The Conference will be devoted to the application of the modern econometric tools in applied research and its theoretical aspects.

Conference 'Public Sector Development and Data Driven Government'

June 29 - 30, 2022

Speakers from Brazil, China, Mexico, Israel, the Netherlands and Russia will touch upon the issues of artificial intelligence and digital platforms in public administration, data-based public management, machine learning and digital government.


XXIII Yasin International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development

April 4-8, 2022

The Conference will uphold its tradition by holding roundtables and special sessions covering various current issues relating to the global and domestic academic agenda. Following the decision of the University’s Academic Council, starting from 2022, the Conference will be called the Yasin Conference in honour of Evgeny Yasin, the Honorary Academic Supervisor of HSE University, who launched the Conference, which has become a major annual academic event in Russia in the social sciences. The 23rd Yasin Conference will be held in hybrid form: the majority of sections and events will be held face-to-face with the option for speakers and participants to join online.

Russian Comics Conference 'The World of Comics'

March 25–26, 2022

This year’s topic is “International Comics and Cultural Specificity”

Conference 'Defining Nothingness'

January 10–11, 2022

The conference is to examine the concepts of nothingness, metaphysical negativity and non-being across all historical and contemporary traditions. 

Conference 'History and Culture of Japan'

February 14–16, 2022