International conference 'Algebraic Topology and Applications'

July 15-17, 2024

Toric topology is a new rapidly developing area of mathematics, lying at the intersection of topology, combinatorics, polytope theory, combinatorial commutative algebra, algebraic and symplectic geometry and characterized by deep interrelations of ideas and methods arising in these areas. Toric topology studies the actions of a compact torus on smooth manifolds and cellular spaces whose orbit spaces contain rich combinatorial structures. The planned conference comprehensively covers the above areas. 

ICSID Conference for Young Scholars

September 16-17, 2024

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • The role of institutions in economic development;
  • Human capital and economic development;
  • The role of technology in modern world;
  • Regional development and social institutions;
  • Social capital and cultural norms;
  • Experimental research in the social sciences;
  • History and persistence of economic growth;
  • Comparative cross-country studies of institutions and development.

Past Conferences

Interdisciplinary Conference 'Researching the Deaf Community'

May 31-June 2, 2024

The organisers invite researchers of the deaf and sign language community, as well as specialists in the theory and practice of social integration in Russia and abroad: scientists, consultants, practitioners, students and postgraduates, representatives of public organizations and businesses to participate.

International Conference 'Law in the Digital Age'

March 1, 2024

The agenda of the conference includes the issues of all law branches in the context of digital transformation.

Scientific Student Conference 'The Youth in Science: Challenges and Prospects'

April 2, 2024

The aim of the conference is to encourage talented and ambitious students to share their research results on acute academic issues.

International Conference 'Birational Geometry'

April 4, 2024