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The Master’s programme is lead by a unified ‘trio’ of disciplines: political science, economics and philosophy. This is no coincidence. Along with the trend towards deeper specialization and pragmatism strongly represented in current higher education systems, the opposite countervailing trend towards knowledge integration is no less evident and tends to strengthen over time. This trend is fueled by the understanding that important breakthroughs in the social sciences and humanities are often achieved at interdisciplinary crossings, and that divided disciplinary knowledge is unfit to face most challenges presented by the contemporary world. Demand for specialists capable of strategic thinking, prepared to cope with complex problems, and trained to work within interdisciplinary and/or international teams is becoming more and more imperative.  A widening network of programmes developing the pattern and purpose of Oxford PPEs ‘Philosophy, Politics and Economics’, or alternatively ‘Politics, Economics and Philosophy’ is an educational response to such social demand. 

2 years
Full-time Programme
Instruction in English
Tuition Fee in 2018: 320 000 RUB/year
Oleg Ananyin, Academic Supervisor of Master’s programme 'Politics. Economics. Philosophy'


The Master's Program 'Politics. Economics. Philosophy' Invites the Entrants

Application for admission to the Master's program 'Politics. Economics. Philosophy' — still unusual for Russia, but widespread in the world — began already for the fifth time. What is the reason for the increase in the number of programs of this type in recent years? How do three different sciences get along in the same educational track, and who are expected asthe entrants of PEP program? These topics are discussed by the head of the academic program, Professor Oleg Ananyin and the teacher of the program, Professor Boris Kapustin, who has been giving lectures on the similar program at Yale University for more than 20 years.

Our student Martin Inderhaug took part in the 8th Model ASEM

The 8th Model ASEM took place in Myanmar and was held in conjunction with the 13th ASEM Foreign Ministers' Meeting (ASEM FMM13). Our second year student of the Master’s Programme “Politics. Economics. Philosophy” Martin Inderhaug participated this event.

PEP is a young program. It breathes, it lives, it changes. It changes with students and for students

Evgeny Ivanov, Alumnus 2017, post-graduate student, junior staff scientist of the Laboratory for Monitoring the Risks of Socio-Political Destabilization shares his impressions about the PEP programme.

Admissions Made Easy for International Students: 2018/2019 Academic Year

On November 15, international student admissions for undergraduate and Master’s programmes opened. This year, prospective students can apply to two programmes simultaneously. They’ll be able to track the application process online in their personal profile on the HSE website where they will receive notifications on the stages of their application’s review and decisions by the admissions committee. The documents for visa invitation can also be submitted there.

Research Paper Competition Winners Can Get a Headstart on Their Academic Careers

The application period for HSE’s Student Research Paper Competition has started. The winners will have an opportunity to take part in workshops on academic skills development, while those in state-financed studies will improve their chances of seeing their academic scholarships increased. Also, in addition in HSE students, learners from other academic institutions are eligible for this competition.


I am glad to announce that the first series of Orders of Admission have been signed (https://ma.hse.ru/prikaz2017) meaning that since August 14, 2017 fifteen applicants gained the status of students of the PEP Master’s program at the Higher School of Economics! 

HSE Joins Top 50 in QS Rankings of Young Universities

The Higher School of Economics (HSE) has taken 48th place in the QS Top 50 Under 50 ranking. Furthermore, it is the sole Russian academic institution in this ranking.

HSE Best Teachers Election Starts

From May 29 to June 18 students can vote for HSE’s best teachers of the academic year. This year there is no need to come to the university to vote. Students can submit their scores online via LMS. 

Chavez, Morales, Erdogan... Why voters may support non-democratic rule? Interview with Milan Svolik

On April 11 during the XVIIIth April International Academic Conference in HSE Professor Milan Svolik (Yale University) made his honorary presentation "When Polarization Trumps Civic Virtue: Partisan Conflict and the Subversion of Democracy by Incumbents". After his presentation Milan Svolik had a meeting with PoliSci students participating in the research project "50 shades of authoritarianism” (Prof. Andrei Melville). We managed to talk with Prof. Svolik on the margins of the conference.

By Way of Italy, Norwegian Student Lands at HSE

Like many international students who choose to study at the Higher School of Economics, Martin Inderhaug, a native of Bergen, Norway, boasts a rich background marked by a diverse set of interests. Although he has been at HSE for only six months since enrolling in the Master’s programme in Politics, Economics and Philosophy, his interest in Russia goes back to his days serving in Norway’s military in the country’s far north where he would gaze at the ‘unknown East’ across the border with Russia.