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Master’s Programme 'Applied Politics'

Applied Politics is a unique Master’s programme offered at HSE, where:

— the latest advances in political science are taught, relying primarily on recent publications from leading international journals;

— students have an opportunity to develop their skills in quantitative analysis;

— the best specialists with practical experience in regional studies, GR and government decision-making technologies offer quality instruction to students.

Graduates can apply their acquired knowledge and skills in such areas as political consulting, expert review and analysis, and mass media, as well as participate directly in various types of research projects. Furthermore, the programme offers broad opportunities for learners to continue their studies in HSE’s doctoral programmes, as well as PhD programmes at internationally renowned universities.


2 years
Full-time Programme
320 000 RUB/year
Tuition Fee in 2018
Russian government and HSE scholarships and tuition fee waivers available
Instruction in Russian
Partner Universities


Illustration for news: Registration for HSE Electives Is Open

Registration for HSE Electives Is Open

Electives are open to HSE students as well as students of other Moscow universities and people who have a general interest in the subject.

Illustration for news: Authoritarian reversal: Turkish experience; Russian hackers and American elections; final presentations and Winter school closing ceremony

Authoritarian reversal: Turkish experience; Russian hackers and American elections; final presentations and Winter school closing ceremony

The Winter school for the Faculty of Social Sciences came to an end on the January 25th.

Second day of Winter school 2018

Lectures of leading political scientists, master-classes, heated debates, and project work till the late evening.

The possible trends of authoritarian development, hybrid regimes, and for whom the presidential race is a ‘farewell tour’?

On the 23rd January the HSE Winter school 2018 of Faculty of Social Sciences has opened its doors for students from all over Russia and other countries.

Illustration for news: Admissions Made Easy for International Students: 2018/2019 Academic Year

Admissions Made Easy for International Students: 2018/2019 Academic Year

On November 15, international student admissions for undergraduate and Master’s programmes opened. This year, prospective students can apply to two programmes simultaneously. They’ll be able to track the application process online in their personal profile on the HSE website where they will receive notifications on the stages of their application’s review and decisions by the admissions committee. The documents for visa invitation can also be submitted there.

Research Paper Competition Winners Can Get a Headstart on Their Academic Careers

The application period for HSE’s Student Research Paper Competition has started. The winners will have an opportunity to take part in workshops on academic skills development, while those in state-financed studies will improve their chances of seeing their academic scholarships increased. Also, in addition in HSE students, learners from other academic institutions are eligible for this competition.

Illustration for news: HSE Joins Top 50 in QS Rankings of Young Universities

HSE Joins Top 50 in QS Rankings of Young Universities

The Higher School of Economics (HSE) has taken 48th place in the QS Top 50 Under 50 ranking. Furthermore, it is the sole Russian academic institution in this ranking.

Illustration for news: HSE Best Teachers Election Starts

HSE Best Teachers Election Starts

From May 29 to June 18 students can vote for HSE’s best teachers of the academic year. This year there is no need to come to the university to vote. Students can submit their scores online via LMS. 

Chavez, Morales, Erdogan... Why voters may support non-democratic rule? Interview with Milan Svolik

On April 11 during the XVIIIth April International Academic Conference in HSE Professor Milan Svolik (Yale University) made his honorary presentation "When Polarization Trumps Civic Virtue: Partisan Conflict and the Subversion of Democracy by Incumbents". After his presentation Milan Svolik had a meeting with PoliSci students participating in the research project "50 shades of authoritarianism” (Prof. Andrei Melville). We managed to talk with Prof. Svolik on the margins of the conference.

Economic Development vs. Political Instability: Second Meeting of Interdisciplinary Seminar of Strategic Academic Unit 'Social Development Challenges'

On 21 February 2017 the second meeting of interdisciplinary seminar of Social Development Challenges Strategic Academic Unit took place at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Andrey Korotayev, the head of the Laboratory for Monitoring the Risks of Socio-Political Destabilization, presented his report on Economic Development and Social and Political Instability: The Experience of Cross-national Analysis.