Student Evaluation of Teaching

Teaching Quality Assessment 2022-2023. Module 3.

Till March 26, 2023 HSE students will have an opportunity to assess the quality of their teachers’ work.

Teaching Quality Assessment (TQA) is one of the measures that allows students to express their opinion on the organization of the teaching process and suggest ways of improving or changing it.

Students of all HSE campuses and education programmes (except for the students of ICEF and HSE/NES Programme in Economics), who have exams in subjects that imply contact hours in the 2nd module, are involved in the Teaching Quality Assessment. The assessment form is available in a student’s personal LMS account (‘Course evaluation’ option).

Students will be able to assess their teachers from March 6 to March 26 (after that the link in LMS will be deactivated). 

For more information about the procedure of assessment please see the instruction