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The Master programme «Politics. Economics. Philosophy» consists of the following elements:

Interdisciplinary courses

  • Theory and Research Methodology in Political Science and Economics 
  • Intellectual History (Economic, Social, and Political Thought)
  • Data Analysis in the Social Sciences
  • Comparative Political Economics
  • State and Economy
  • Strategies of Economic Development

Economic block

  • Contemporary Economics
  • Comparative Economic Systems 
  • Economics of Transition and Emerging Markets

Political block

  • Modern Political Science
  • Issues of Contemporary Russian Politics
  • Global Governance

Philosophy block

  • Contemporary Philosophy and Political Ethics
  • Philosophy of New Social Movements and Social Changes
  • Critique of Political Violence

Adaptational courses (2 of them, depends on students' background)

  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Political Science

Research seminar

The course is intended to help a student to enter the universe of intellectual culture underlying contemporary social sciences, to perceive the origin and logic of basic ideas governing political movements and economic change.

Term paper (year 1)


2 times: 4 weeks in summer after year 1 and 4 weeks in winter on module 3, year 2.

Thesis (year 2)