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Student Ratings

Current Rating
Average Grade
Lowest grade
GPA (weighted)
Maxime Roland A Ladrière19.280%9.25
Gulnura Akylbekova29.283.7%9.125
Patrick Sawyer3987.41%9.0625
FURKAN FIRATLI49811.11%8.9375
Franz Xaver Waltenberger5 - 68.6714.81%8.625
VLADISLAV TSVETKOV5 - 68.6814.81%8.625
MAKSIM GLADYSHEV7 - 98.6822.22%8.5625
YULIYA KORESHKOVA7 - 98.6722.22%8.5625
TIMMY O'CONNOR7 - 98.6722.22%8.5625
Ugur Koca108.6733.33%8.5
ALEKSANDR FINIAREL118.4737.04%8.375
VARVARA PODRUGINA128.2740.74%8.125
Sewordor Toklo13 - 148644.44%8
IVAN SHESTERIKOV13 - 148744.44%8
KIRILL VLADIMIROV158551.85%7.9375
Sellita Sellita167.8655.56%7.75
Md Abul Hasan177.6659.26%7.5625
Yiğit Onat187.4662.96%7.375
Alberto Eugenio de Miguel Lechuga197.2666.67%7.125
Charles Luchay207670.37%7.0625
AKHMED MALOROEV226.8677.78%6.75
Riberdy Vivianne237.75681.48%7.7692
Kelsey Ann Zimmerman249.33885.19%9.2
NIKITA FEDOTOV255.6588.89%5.5625
Li Xu265.8592.59%5.4375
Thomas Constantin Baier278796.3%7.9

Student ratings for previous periods

Ratings are calculated and posted in accordance with the Regulations on the Rating System for Comprehensive Evaluation of Student Performance in Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Programmes at National Research University Higher School of Economics

Detailed information on grades is available to all HSE students and faculty members in LMS