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Stephen Kotkin

Associated Senior Research Fellow

University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D., 1988 (History)

Awards and Accomplishments

Graduate Student Mentor Award, Princeton U. 2010

President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching, Princeton U. 1994

David L. Rike Preceptorship in History, Princeton U., 1992-95


Book Kotkin S. Stalin, vo1. I: Paradoxes of Power (Penguin, 2014)

Book Kotkin S. Uncivil Society: 1989 and the Implosion of Communist Establishment, with a contribution by Jan Gross (New York: Modern Library/Random House, 2009)

Book Kotkin S. Armageddon Averted: the Soviet Collapse, 1970-2000 (Oxford and New York: Oxford University, 2001; paperback with new preface, 2003; updated edition 2008)

Book Kotkin S. Magnetic Mountain: Stalinism as a Civilization (Berkeley: University of California, 1995)

Book Kotkin S. Steeltown, USSR: Soviet Society in the Gorbachev Era (Berkeley: University of California, 1991; paperback with afterword, 1993)

Employment history

2012 – present Birkelund Professor of History and International Affairs, Department of History and Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University

2012 – present Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Another Book About Stalin – But This One’s Different

On January 15, HSE welcomed Stephen Kotkin, Professor of History at Princeton University and Associated Senior Research Fellow at HSE’s International Centre for the History and Sociology of World War II and Its Consequences. Professor Kotkin spoke about his new book, Stalin: Waiting for Hitler, 1919-1941 (New York, 2017) to an audience of students, staff, fellow researchers and members of the general public.

Stephen Kotkin's book presentation "Stalin: Waiting for Hitler, 1919-1941"

On January 15 Stephen Kotkin, Professor of History at Princeton University and Associated Researcher at the International Center for the History and Sociology of World War II and Its Consequences, gave a book presentation "Stalin: Waiting for Hitler, 1919-1941"