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Maria Kravtsova

  • Maria Kravtsova has been at HSE University since 2010.



Lomonosov Moscow State University

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

September, 29 – October, 10, 2015. Volkswagen Summer School "Governance, Markets and Institutions: Russia and Germany Compared".

June, 29 – July, 12, 2014. 4th Summer School of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research “Categorical Data Analysis”. Keynote lecturer: Jacques Hagenaars (Tilburg University, The Netherlands).

October, 4 – November, 25, 2012Internship in University of Durham, School for Applied Social Sciences.

July, 23 – August, 4, 2012Essex University Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis. Courses: "Мathematics for Social Scientists", "Multivariate Regression Analysis".

July, 1 – July, 14, 2012. 2nd Summer School of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research "Confirmatory Factor Analysis and SEM". Lecturer Prof. Dr. Peter Schmidt (University of Giessen).

August, 22 – September, 2, 2011. 1st Summer School of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research "Multilevel Analysis in Comparative Studies". Lecturer Dr. H. Duelmer (University of Cologne).

2009-2010Training course in Social Theory, Economic Sociology, Methods of Sociological Data Analysis, Higher School of Economics (8 months).


Employment history

since 2011: Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (R. Inglehart), Higher School of Economics, Moscow

2003-2009. Correspondent, Business Weekly "Expert" (Internal Politics Department)

2002-2003. Correspondent, broadcast "The Voice of Russia" (Political Department)

IIMS seminar series "Institutional Problems of the Russian Economy"

On May 11, Denis Ivanov spoke at the second seminar in the newly relaunched series.

Final day of the International workshop “Social Inequality and Value Polarization: A Cross-Country Perspective”

In this article we describe the final day of the International workshop “Social Inequality and Polarization Value: A Cross-Country Perspective”.

Research seminar "The Shadow of the Family: Historical Roots of Particularism in Europe"

Speakers — Aleksey Oshchepkov (Center for Labour Market Studies HSE) and Maria Kravtsova (Laboratory for Comparative Social Research HSE).

It’s Easier to Transform Corruption than to Defeat It

As the economy improves and anti-corruption legislation develops, it’s highly likely that the market corruption will transform into a network one. Network corruption works through ties between officials and businesspeople, and the currency here is not money, but services. Maria Kravtsova studied various forms of corruption in her paper ‘A Friend in Court or a Penny in the Purse? Reasons for Market and Network Corruption’

Corruption Weighed by Post-Material Values

If the majority of a country’s population moved from values of survival to values of self-expression, individuals with both types of values will try to avoid corrupt behaviour. But if, as in Russia, values of survival prevail in society, individuals with values of self-expression are inclined to act corruptly. This is the conclusion of a study by Maria Kravtsova and Alexey Oshchepkov