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Seminar 'Does Religion Affect People's Basic Values?'

30 Oct 2012

Another seminar in the Culture Matters series was held on October 17, 2012 at the Faculty of Psychology, featuring a presentation entitled 'Does religion affect people's basic values?' by Shalom Schwartz, Professor at Hebrew University and HSE, Academic Supervisor at the HSE International Scientific-Educational Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research.

His presentation addressed some of the key issues in social psychology relevant to our understanding of religion as part of understanding culture. The presenter spoke about the importance of religion in shaping individual values and life principles, highlighting the relationship between the degree of religiosity and individual values ​observed in respondents across countries. He also presented  general theoretical and methodological tools for studying individual values.

Language: Russian
Видео с участием: Ясин Евгений Григорьевич (2)
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