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International Student Conference «Modern Finance: Risks, Challenges, Values»


Facing with several crises, modern finance has changed rapidly. There are new challenges: how to reveal global risks? What a company must undertake for risks’ mitigation? Maybe risks give an opportunity to survive and capture market leadership? What values and corporate objectives are the attributes of finance? Whose interests financial officers serve?

To discuss these questions, the Master’s Programme “Finance” is announcing a call for applications to the  International Student Conference ‘Modern Finance: Risks, Challenges, Values’. The Master's Programme ‘Finance’ is now a double-diploma programme,  a part of the IMESS consortium  governed by University College London.

Main topics of the conference include:

  • Corporate finance
  • Value-based management
  • Risk management in Finance
  • Intellectual capital valuation
  • Financial strategies
  • Financial innovation
We invite bachelor students, master students and PhD students.

Submissions dates:
Outlines submission deadline - 15 January 2016
Acceptance Notification - 20 January 2016
Presentation Slides - 01 February 2016 

Application for participation and outlines send to yutarasova@hse.ru

Requirements to Outlines:
Your outline should not exceed 1500 words containing following necessary structure elements:
Abstract (max 100 words)
Keywords (max 5)
Problem: What specific finance problem does the submission focus on?
Current understanding: What is known about this problem, who and how has it been tackled before?
Research question: What is the submission's goal?
Research design: How precisely & in detail was/will the work (be) executed- describe the methodology/approach.
Findings: What are/will be the main outcomes and results?
Contribution: What will the outcomes and results add to current understanding or theory in finance?
Practical implications: Who will practically gain what and in which way from the findings?
Reference List (Very strictly: 5 to 10 references)

Application for participation

Full Name


Place of work or study (higher school, faculty, etc.)


Phone and email


Full name, academic degree and name of supervisor