2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of HSE University. Many of the university’s peers—those born in 1992—now work and study here. Thirty-year-old HSE graduates work in various fields, from business and fintech to IT and contemporary art. As part of the new ‘HSE University's Age-Mates’ project, some of them have shared their stories and talked about what they like about the university.

The new instalment of Age-Mates features Vardan Arutyunyan, junior researcher at the Center for Language and Brain and an HSE PhD student. In this interview, he explains how he came to work at the Center, why he chose to study brain mechanisms of speech impairment in children with autism and what he is striving to achieve in this field.
May 16
This new instalment of Age-Mates visits Sofia Litvinova, HSE graduate and Deputy Director of the Department of Multilateral Economic Cooperation and Special Projects of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development. She explained how she decided to enrol at HSE Universtiy, why university graduates need global thinking, and what the Japanese and Russians have in common.
May 11
The first instalment of HSE University's Age-Mates features an interview with Oksana Zinchenko, Associate Professor of the School of Psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences, HSE University. In her interview, she speaks about research at HSE, why young researchers choose HSE University, and who an ‘HSE Person’ is.
April 11