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HSE Day is a Tradition

On September 10, the Higher School of Economics is again welcoming guests at Moscow’s liveliest and most exciting location – Gorky Park! HSE Day was first celebrated in Moscow in 2012, the university’s 20th anniversary, and has since become a tradition of citywide proportions. Thousands of people meet in Gorky Park on this day to participate in this extraordinary university celebration. The Higher School of Economics is a university open to the city, which is why Muscovites and everyone in the capital at this time will have the unique opportunity to get a glimpse of life at the university outside of its walls and also to take part in various themed events. Not a single Moscow university can pride itself on such an extensive list of entertaining cultural activities! A rich programme has been  prepared for HSE Day 2014 that has something to spark anybody’s interest. Tents will be set up around the park with representatives from all faculties of the Higher School of Economics, and attendees will have the chance to meet some of Russia’s leading academics and politicians. It will also be possible to talk with university instructors in an informal setting and even go for a stroll along the Moskva River embankment with the university’s rector. The new format of the educational portion will include master classes given by HSE alumni where the most successful and ambitious graduates will share the secrets to building a career and conducting business. In addition, anyone interested in sports and athletics can go straight to HSE Land to take part in a dance off, play Frisbee or skateboard.

This celebration is an excellent opportunity for everyone not only to walk around and have fun, but to become part of the HSE family as well!

How to Participate

There is open and free entrance into Gorky Park for HSE Day 2014. We want all Muscovites and guests of the capital to have the opportunity to enjoy the cultural activities and participate in sports competitions at the event.

To attend the evening’s Bi-2 concert at the Green Theatre, you will need to register online. Registration is now closed.

Place and time

The Higher School of Economics is holding the event for everyone in the city – students, teachers, Muscovites, and guests of the capital. We are inviting everyone – young and old, small and large! Even if you do not know about the HSE, you are still welcome at the celebration! Even if you are older than 80, we still hope to see you on September 10, 2014, at:

9 Krymsky Val, Gorky Park

The event begins at 2:00 p.m.

HSE Day Map

Bi-2 Concert Registration

The famous rock group Bi-2 will wow HSE Day guests with its exciting performance. The concert has become a tradition; the group also performed at HSE Day in 2012. An entire generation has grown up on Bi-2's albums and the group has a wide fan base among students, while Bi-2 band members have in turn become fans of the HSE! This two-sided fan movement will unfold at the celebration!

To come to the Bi-2 concert, please register online and receive an e-ticket. Registration is now closed.

Join us! It will be fun!

HSE Day Programme

 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Open House

StudLife student organizations tent

HSE Land – student organizations’ sports and activities zone

Networking Veranda

For everybody
 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. Russian Tearoom For foreigners and everybody else
 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Open air lectures

Master classes by HSE Business Club alumni

For everybody
 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Music in the Air

For music lovers
8 p.m. – 10 p.m. Bi-2 concert For everybody who registered online in advance

HSE Day Map

  1.  Meeting point - the celebration starts here!
  2.  StudLife student organizations tent
  3.  Open House
  4.  English-language lectures HSE Open Talks
  5.  University for the City Lectorium
  6.  Master classes by HSE Business Club alumni
  7.  Lyceum student welcoming
  8.  Music in the Air
  9.  Russian Tearoom
10.  Volleyball
11.  Celebratory concert for HSE first-years
12.  Photo  Social Booth
13.  Photo booth Classic
14.  Open-air media library
15.  Soul Pitch
16.  FabLab Workshop
17.  Bi-2 concert

  i  Park map and information stands

HSE Land – student organizations’ sports and activities zone

18.  Poetic Platform
19.  Attractions: climbing wall, gladiator fights, inflatable bouncers
20.  Love HSE (Speed Dating)
21.  KVN
22.  Dance Battle
23.  Sports games
24.  Unimafia
25.  Green HSE
26.  I Bet You Will!
27.  Attractions: cloud running, hamster wheel, sumo wrestling
28.  Frisbee
29.  Ethnic Corner
30.  Quest