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Terms of Participation and Application Rules

You are eligible to take part in the Competition if you are:

  • a student at one of HSE University campuses;
  • a 2023 graduate from one of HSE University campuses;
  • a student or 2023 graduate at another university, including international institutions.

In other fields, the submission of works in accordance with the general requirements

  1. Remove any names of authors, co-authors and the academic supervisor from the paper’s text, header/footer, and the title page. IMPORTANT! Information on the author(s), academic supervisor, and the place of study shall ONLY be included in the application form (except for papers in Mathematics).
  2. Limit the size of your paper to 60,000 characters (including spaces). This includes total character count of the file, with a bibliography, appendices, a title page, and a table of contents.
  3. Save your file in .doc, .docx, .rtf or .pdf. format.
  4. . Don’t send us plagiarized work! This is upsetting. Papers with plagiarised materials will be removed from the Competition by the Organizing Committee, and their authors shall not be eligible to take part in future competitions ☹
  5. Only submit one paper per field, or two different papers in two different fields. We will refuse to accept a paper applied in several fields simultaneously, or several papers by one author in a single field.
  6. The paper should consist of three parts:
  • introduction, stating the key research points, reasons for pursuing the subject and its relevance; 
  • main body, the analysis of the given problem, approaches to its resolution, and description of the research results;
  • conclusion, with a brief summary of the research, its outcomes, and the practical applicability of the results (if your research is applicable);
  • list of sources and appendices (in necessary). At the end of the research paper, a bibliography should be provided, written up in line with current GOST and standards employed by international and Russian academic journals.

Rules and Limitations

The research paper for the competition should be written individually or in co-authorship with other students (no more than five co-authors). Research papers written in co-authorship with an academic supervisor shall not be accepted for the competition

Each applicant can apply with no more than two papers, and only one paper can be submitted for a single field. 

A research paper written in co-authorship by bachelor’s and master’s students, should be submitted for the competition by Master’s students.

The competition welcomes research papers written in Russian or English.

For more information on the formatting criteria for research papers, please refer to Annexes No.1 and No.2, as well as recommendations on the website, along with the application form. Should your paper fail to comply with these requirements, you’ll be informed within seven workdays after your application’s submission.

Violation of these requirements doesn’t mean you are no longer eligible for the competition. If the application period has not expired, you still have time to fix the errors and re-apply!

Application Package

  •  a competition application indicating the subject area, nomination, information about the author(s) and academic supervisor (if any);
  • for students - a copy of a student ID card and/or a certificate of attendance (for participants who are not students of HSE University);
  • for alumni - a copy of an education and/or qualification document (for participants who are not alumni of HSE University);
  • the text of research paper submitted for the competition.



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