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+7 (999) 121-18-28
Address: Nizhny Novgorod, , room 202
SPIN-RSCI: 5954-2138
ORCID: 0000-0003-4815-1644
ResearcherID: L-5024-2015
Scopus AuthorID: 56451310100
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M. E. Loshkareva
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Olga A. Berzin

  • Olga A. Berzin has been at HSE University since 2010.

Education, Degrees and Academic Titles

  • 2009

    Doctor of Sciences* in Criminal Procedure; Criminalistics; Criminal Investigation

  • 2006
    Associate Professor
  • 2002

    Candidate of Sciences* (PhD)

  • 1985

    Higher Investigation School of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs

* Candidate of Sciences
According to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011, Candidate of Sciences belongs to ISCED level 8 - "doctoral or equivalent", together with PhD, DPhil, D.Lit, D.Sc, LL.D, Doctorate or similar. Candidate of Sciences allows its holders to reach the level of the Associate Professor.
* Doctor of Sciences
A post-doctoral degree called Doctor of Sciences is given to reflect second advanced research qualifications or higher doctorates in ISCED 2011.

Awards and Accomplishments

Courses (2023/2024)

Courses (2022/2023)

Courses (2021/2022)

Courses (2020/2021)

Courses (2019/2020)


  • 2021

    The International Symposium On“Progress and Development of Human Rights in 70 Years of Tibet’s Peaceful Liberation” (Чунцин). Presentation: Legal support of human rights as the basis of national security in Russia and China

  • 2020
    ПРАВОСУДИЕ И ПРИМИРЕНИЕ КУМУЛЯТИВНЫЕ ЭФФЕКТЫ (Москва // Zoom). Presentation: Медиация в уголовном судопроизводстве через призму криминалистики


Timetable for today

Full timetable

Summer School ‘Law in Russia: National Aspects’ Held at HSE Nizhny Novgorod

The Summer School ‘Law in Russia: National Aspects’ was held at HSE Nizhny Novgorod on July 17-28. Students from HSE Nizhny Novgorod and the Southwest University of Political Science and Law (Chongqing, China) took part in the event. For two weeks the international participants studied the basics of Russian language, law, and management.

Chinese Students Arrive to HSE for Summer School on Law

The Russian-Chinese Summer School on Law has started at HSE Nizhny Novgorod. The Summer School is traditionally carried out by the Faculty of Law and our university’s Chinese partner, the South West University of Political Science and Law (Chongqing, China).