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+7 (910) 416-23-31
Address: 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Pokrovka Complex, room S535
SPIN-RSCI: 9425-1081
ORCID: 0000-0003-3250-875X
ResearcherID: E-9561-2014
Scopus AuthorID: 16039562100
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S. B. Avdasheva
A. A. Yakovlev
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Boris Kuznetsov

  • Tenured Professor
  • Boris Kuznetsov has been at HSE University since 2006.

Education, Degrees and Academic Titles

  • 2010
  • 1990

    Candidate of Sciences* (PhD) in Economics and National Economy Management

  • 1978

    Lomonosov Moscow State University

* Candidate of Sciences
According to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011, Candidate of Sciences belongs to ISCED level 8 - "doctoral or equivalent", together with PhD, DPhil, D.Lit, D.Sc, LL.D, Doctorate or similar. Candidate of Sciences allows its holders to reach the level of the Associate Professor.

Student Term / Thesis Papers

Full list of of student term / thesis papers

Courses (2020/2021)

Courses (2019/2020)

Courses (2018/2019)

Editorial board membership

2013: Deputy Editor-in-chief, Журнал Новой экономической ассоциации (The Journal of the New Economic Association).



Article Gonchar K. R., Kuznetsov B. How import integration changes firms' decision to innovate // Annals of Regional Science. 2018. Vol. 60. No. 3. P. 501-528. doi



Article Golikova V., Kuznetsov B. What firms are rewarded after global financial crisis? The role of innovation and globalization strategies in recovery // Journal of Economic and Social Development. 2016. Vol. 3. No. 1. P. 186-195.




Article Golikova V., Gonchar K. R., Kuznetsov B. Does international trade provide incentives for efficient behaviour of Russian manufacturing firms? // Post-Communist Economies. 2012. Vol. 24. No. 2. P. 277-289. doi





Book Kuzminov Y. I., Yakovlev A. A., Gokhberg L., Larionova M. V., Shadrin A. E., Kuznetsov B., Gavrilenkov E. E. The New Economy: A Chance for Russia. M. : Higher School of Economics Publishing House, 2003.


Conference Participation, Presentations

  • B. Kuznetsov, V. Golikova, K. Gonchar. Learning-by-exporting and Learning-by-importing Effects for Russian Manufacturing Firms: Empirical evidence from panel data (presentation)
  • The role of domestic and foreign networks in exporting of Russian manufacturing firms: evidence from panel data (presentation)
  • The 12th European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (EACES) (UK, University of the West of Scotland, September 6-8, 2012)
  • B.Kuznetsov, V.Gimpelson, A.Yakovlev. The Manufacturing Sector in Economic Development, Employment and Incomes: The Russian Case. Presentation
  • 52nd European Congress of the Regional Science Association International (Slovakia, Bratislava, August 21-25, 2012)
  • Presentation: Export Entry as an Incentive to Innovate
  • UNIDO and UNU-MERIT International Seminar - The Untold Story: Structural Change for Poverty Reduction - The Case of the BRICS. (Austria, Vienna, August 16-17, 2012)
  • SASE 24th Annual Conference - Global Shifts: Implications for Business, Government and Labour (USA, Boston, June 28-30, 2012)
  • Presentation: Export Entry as an Incentive to Innovate

Timetable for today

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Boris Kuznetsov's Stanford lectures

IIMS senior researcher Boris Kuznetsov lectures on Russian economy at Stanford University

Study Tours: A Two-Way Road

Recently the HSE Higher School of Management welcomed a group of students from the Johnson School of Management, Cornell University, USA, which specializes in MBA programmes. Elena Yankova, Senior Lecturer of Management, Cornell University, and the head of the group, and Sergey Filonovich, Dean of the HSE Higher School of Management, told us about the study tour programme.

To ‘Mark’ the HSE on the World Map

Martin Carnoy, Professor at the Stanford University (USA) and Academic Supervisor of the HSE International Laboratory for Educational Policy Research, told us about some of the tasks and plans for the Laboratory.