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Procedure for Organizing and Conducting Appeals to the Results of Final State Examinations

Read about instances when you can appeal

Appeals may be filed in the following instances:

- if a student believes that there has been a procedural irregularity in the conduct of the FSC or thesis defence;

- if a student does not agree with his/her FSC results (this shall not apply to thesis defences).

File an appeal

Appeals can only be submitted electronically by sending an e-mail to the Secretary of the Appeals Committee.

An appeal statement may be made in the form of:

  • a scan/photo of a signed appeal statement;
  • an e-mail.

The AC Secretary’s e-mail address must be published on the degree programme’s website.

Participate in the Appeals Committee meeting

AC meetings are held remotely, in the same fashion as the FSC is conducted. A student who has filed an appeal will be invited to attend the AC meeting.

If the student who has filed an appeal does not appear at the AC meeting, the meeting can be held in his/her absence.

Be informed about the Appeals Committee’s decision

The AC’s decision (presented as meeting minutes) will be sent by the AC Secretary by e-mail within three working days after the AC meeting.

You will be informed which decision out of the following two has been made with respect to your appeal:

  • the appeal has been rejected if the information stated therein has not been confirmed and/or affected the results of the final state examination;
  • or the appeal has been upheld if the information stated therein has been confirmed and affects the results of the final state examination.

Please make sure that you acknowledge that you have familiarized yourself with the decision made by the Appeals Committee by sending a reply to the AC Secretary (no later than the next working day after the receipt of the e-mail with the meeting minutes from the AC Secretary).

If you do not receive a reply, a respective certificate on the refusal to accept the AC results shall be drawn up.

Re-take an examination (if your examination results have been annulled)

Retakes are only held provided the AC has made a decision to annul earlier results and summon a second meeting of the State Examination Board (SEB). A retake of a final state examination shall be held within the timeframe set by the relevant degree programme, but before the end of the educational process, as specified in the academic calendar for the ongoing academic year.

If a final examination, against the results of which a student has appealed, was held in writing, and the completed assignments and answers done in writing are such that a new grade may be awarded based on the appeals procedure results without the need to conduct a repeat of the final state examination, the latter shall not be held, while a new grade will be recorded in the minutes of the second SEB, which shall then be signed by an authorized AC member.


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