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Tuition Fee Discounts

Special discounts for students admitted in the 2020/2021 academic year

Students who have been admitted on a fee-paying basis in 2020 may receive a tuition discount from HSE University if the actual amount paid in tuition for studies under their agreement exceeds the cost for studying under the same programme in 2019.

Further information about the terms for the provision of discounts can be found here.


Based on the results of entrance examinations (provided that the student has successfully passed all examinations);

Graduates of the HSE Preparatory Year programme and other similar programmes offered by Russian educational institutions;

Graduates of HSE’s partner secondary schools  (under educational partnership agreements);

Participation in HSE Olympiads;

Graduates of other universities who spent a part of their undergraduate/Master’s programme at HSE on a fee/paying basis (e.g., a semester in Moscow, Math in Moscow, or RFL programmes);

Graduates of the Summer University programme;

Graduates of HSE undergraduate/specialist programmes;

Participants of the HSE Student Competition for Students and Graduates;

The size of the scholarship offered to international students shall be fixed and granted to foreign nationals for the entire duration of their studies*. However, each year you will need to reconfirm your good academic performance.

Good academic performance implies that throughout your studies at your degree programme, you meet all the following criteria:

1.     you are not subject to disciplinary action in the form of reprimand;

2.     upon completion of each and any interim assessment (before retakes) you have:

3.     no more than two grades lower than 6 (on a 10-point scale);

4.     no grades below 4 on a 10-point scale;

5.     no missed assessments for no valid reason.

* Criteria for successful learning are applied to foreign students, starting from the 2nd course and to complete the training on educational programs of corresponding level of education.

* Please note that a foreign national may be granted only one scholarship at a time from those listed in the table. Should a foreign national be eligible for more than one scholarship from the table, he/she may select only one scholarship at his/her own discretion.


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